Top 5 Base Ideas for Palworld

Making a base is an essential part of the Palworld. A perfect base would have easy access to the maximum resources in the game and the ideal place to farm and do more things. You can build your base as per your favorite shape and size. Check out the 5 best base ideas for Palworld.

Plateau Peak Stronghold

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Image source: Reddit

Reddit user u/ariolander made his base at the Popular 291, -38 plateau top location, which has a triple-layer construction with beds and incubators in the basement, a manufacturing unit on the second floor, and farming on the roof.

The open structure facilitates AI pathing and defense against attacks by ground forces. The best locations for beds and meals, the use of multi-story buildings, and the utilization of the 1/2-moon shape’s shielding properties are only a few of the lessons learned. With a focus on improving the area for taking images for defense, they plan on changing the concept for multiplayer.

A Gamer’s Fortress

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Image source: Reddit

Reddit user EmeraldN777 creates a base atop the Ravine Entrance teleporter on the map, mirroring a fort from a traditional war movie. The base serves as a helpful hub for gaming and creates a nostalgic environment. Additionally, it gives players plenty of options for designing their own area within the castle walls.

Mountain Mine Base: Ore & Coal Operations

Screenshot 2024 04 26 173635
Image source: Reddit

Chasing-Wagons, a Reddit consumer, has constructed a base at the well-known ore and coal spot located at coordinates (191, -38). Situated on a mountain, the bottom offers beautiful views and beauty. Additionally, users can customize and decorate the base according to their preferences.

Rising from Ruins

Untitled design 2024 04 26T174542.984
Image source: Reddit

stonkes_go_up, a Reddit user, decided to build his base on top of the existing ruins rather than starting from scratch. This choice offers their base an extra natural feel that blends well with the landscape. He claimed that their base served as a farming and breeding area, with merchants coming into an alternate. Keeping a merchant in a base is one of the perks of capturing people in Palworld, but caution is suggested on multiplayer servers.

Peaceful Waterfall View

Untitled design 2024 04 26T175816.358
Image source: Reddit

Despite its simple appearance, Reddit user-forsaken Entity managed to construct a stunning and solid base next to a waterfall. He made it happen with a few clever engineering techniques. The base’s flowing waterfall and cliffside views give it a peaceful environment similar to a beachside resort. Additionally, it is carefully situated next to water and high cliffs, which increases its protection. From a distance, it appears that the base also reaches to the opposite side of the lake, providing plenty of room for Pals to operate, though it’s difficult to see.

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