Palworld: Shadow beak Location and Breeding

Shadowbeak is a Dark Element Pal in the game with the Modified DNA Partner Skill. Players can find Shadowbeak at the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower, where you have a chance to defeat it and catch it. However, this is not an easy task, as Shadowbeak is a vicious and powerful creature whose attacks have the power to end your life on Palworld. Therefore, it’s better to make your own shadowbeak in Palword by breeding.

To breed Shadowbeak players, they will need the two Pals, Kitson and Astegon. Kitsons can be produced by putting together Ruby and Penking. Similarly, to produce Astegon, players will need Relaxasaurus and Sakas to breed.

How to find Shadowbeak
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Also, players can catch the Astegon at level 48 in the volcano region at -614,-428 coordinates, although it’s really difficult to catch.

How to Breed Shadowbeak in Palworld

How to Breed Shadowbeak
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Onec got both Astegon and Kitson. Select them to partner on your farm. Remember to give the breeding farm some cake. After a while, they’ll lay a pale egg, which you can hatch later on using an incubator.

At level 47 of the technology tree, you can make the saddle to ride the shadowbeak once you’ve caught it. To craft it, collect 50 leather, 40 refined ingots, 25 venom glands, and 45 paldium fragments. Then, assemble everything using a Pal Gear workbench.

Shadowbeak Stats

  • Element: Dark
  • Work Suitability: Gathering 1
  • Possible Drops: Pal Metal Ingot, Carbon Fibre, and Innovative Technical Manual
  • Partner Skill: Genetic modification – It will ride on its back for aerial travel. Dark elemental assaults gain more potency when mounted.

You can also use our new Palworld Breeding Calculator.

Best Ways to Breed Shadow beak

Parent 1Parent 2Child
Pyrin NoctShadowbeakAstegon

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