How to Breed Anubis in Palworld

Anubis: Location, Breeding, Breeding Farming

Anubis is one of the aggressive and hostile companions in the Palworld. Anubis is a boss pal that may be found without a specific spawn or home. Based on Egyptian-style clothing, players can find it around the central desert; however, it will be challenging as it appears late in the game at level 47. Check …

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How to find Elizabeth Boss location

Elizabee Boss | How to Find, Stats, Breeding

Elizabee Boss is a Level 31 grass element pal in the game who is crowned queen over Beegardes. It’s one of those crucial pals in the game that every player wants to have on his side for battles, honey, and breeding additional pals. Check out a comprehensive guide to finding Elizabee Boss. Where to Find …

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How to breed an Astegon

Palworld: How to Find and breed an Astegon

Astegon is a dark/dragon element pal in the game. It is one of those rare late-game pals that every player will want to have on his team. However, it’s not easy to breed the Astegon, as it requires rare pals for breeding. Check out the comprehensive guide to breeding an Astegon. How to Breed Astegon …

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Catch and Breed Warsect in Palworld

Warsect Palworld | Location, Breeding Combs

Warsect is a Ground/Grass element pal in the game. It boosts the player’s defense and deals fire damage to their strikes while fighting together. Due to this ability, everyone wishes to have this pal on their team. Check out the comprehensive guide to catch and breed Warsect.  Where to Find Warsect Warsect is located in …

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Univolt | Breeding, Location, and Ride Univolt

Univolt is an electric element Pal in the Palworld and is also one of the easiest to catch on level 7. It is very useful in fights to apply electric damage to the player’s attacks while mounted. Also, you can use it to generate electricity on your base. How to Catch Univolt in Palworld Players …

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Bellanoir palworld

Bellanoir | Breeding, Stats, Active Skills, and More

Bellanoir is a dark element pal in the game. was first shown in a small teaser trailer for upcoming Raid Battles. it has ability to launch a potent Nightmare Ray attack on the targeted enemy and this mighty creature can be the great collection in your pals list. How to Catch Bellanoir Bellanoir is a Raid …

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Reptyro Cryst/ Ice Reptyro Breeding

Palworld: Reptyro Cryst Location, Skills and Breeding

Reptyro Cryst is an ice element variation of Reptyro with the ability to improve the efficiency of mining ores while mounted. Peptyro Cryst can perform a variety of tasks for you and is also capable of having a significant impact in fights. However, capturing it can be tricky. Reptyro Cryst Reptyro Cryst Active Skills Lv …

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Find and Breed Kitsun

Palworld: Kitsun Location And Breeding

Kitsun is a fire element pal in the game. It is one of the rare pals that cannot be affected by the cold or heat while riding this pal. Because of its popularity and skills, every player wishes to have this exceptional pal on their team. Check out the comprehensive guide to find and breed …

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How to get Shadowbeak

Palworld: Shadow beak Location and Breeding

Shadowbeak is a Dark Element Pal in the game with the Modified DNA Partner Skill. Players can find Shadowbeak at the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower, where you have a chance to defeat it and catch it. However, this is not an easy task, as Shadowbeak is a vicious and powerful creature whose attacks have …

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Cryolinx Palworld location, Stats, and Breeding

Cryolinx is an ice element pal in the game that can increase dropped items from defeated dragon pals. It can gather wood for your base and cool down specific facilities, making it valuable for your team. Check out the comprehensive guide to the location, breeding, and stats of Cryolinx. How to Find Cryolinx Players can …

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breed Jetragon

Jetragon Palworld Location & Breeding Combs

Jetragon, a Dragon Element Legendary Pal, has the legendary passive skills that every player desires to have on his team. Its back allows you to soar. You may fire a rocket launcher continually while riding. Players can find Jetragon near the volcanic region of the map in the west. It is spawn north of the …

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LYLEEN Stats Active Passive Skills Breeding Strengths Weaknesses

LYLEEN | How to get, Stats, Active, Passive Skills, Breeding, Strengths, and Weaknesses

Lyleen is a grass-element pal in the game who can significantly restore the player’s health. The lovely queen could be an excellent farmer or work in medication production. However, locating this guy is quite difficult. Check out the comprehensive guide to learn about Lyleen and its stats, active and passive skills, breeding, strengths, and weaknesses.  …

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