Elizabee Boss | How to Find, Stats, Breeding

Elizabee Boss is a Level 31 grass element pal in the game who is crowned queen over Beegardes. It’s one of those crucial pals in the game that every player wants to have on his side for battles, honey, and breeding additional pals. Check out a comprehensive guide to finding Elizabee Boss.

Where to Find Elizabee Boss

Players can find Elizabee inside the Devout Mineshaft in the forest region at the center of the map. The coordinates of the location are -33, -183. We recommend that players proceed cautiously since Elizabee, usually escorted by her entourage, the Beegarde, guards the entry closely. Bring your strongest pals and weapons to the location to defeat this boss.

Elizabeth Boss location
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Hatch from Huge Verdant Egg

You can hatch Elizabee from a Huge Verdant Egg. These eggs are interactive items that may be picked up across the islands. On a breeding farm, you can obtain them by combining pairs of pals. As soon as you have an egg, put it in an incubator and wait for it to hatch.

Elizabee Special Moves

Elizabee’s formidable abilities pose a central challenge, testing the skills of all Palworld adventurers. Gamers need to be prepared to successfully avoid or counter them.

  • Toxic Burst: A sneaky move that may poison Pals and do constant damage over time.
  • Razor Wind: Quick reactions are necessary to prevent serious injury from these slashing gusts of wind.
  • Sticky Honey: Those who are entangled in Elizabee’s honey’s sticky grip find it difficult to move or make escape moves.
  • Whirlwind of Leaves: A whirling tornado of leaves and other debris that has the power to ensnare and confuse players.
  • Gigantic Energy Sphere: A massive ball of energy that, if it happens to fall on someone unlucky enough to be in its path, will explode.


Elizabeth Boss
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  • Element: Grass
  • Work Suitability: Plating 2, Handiwork 2, Lumbering 1, Medicine Production 2, and Gathering 2.
  • Partner Skill: Queen Bee Command: During battles fought alongside Beegarde, your team’s statistics will progressively improve as more of them join your ranks.
  • Possible Drops: Honey and Elizabee’s Staff

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Elizabee Best Breeding Combinations

Parent 1Parent 2Child
MossandaPyrin NoctElizabee
NitewingPyrin NoctElizabee
MossandaIce ReptyroElizabee

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