How to Breed Anubis in Palworld

Anubis: Location, Breeding, Breeding Farming

Anubis is one of the aggressive and hostile companions in the Palworld. Anubis is a boss pal that may be found without a specific spawn or home. Based on Egyptian-style clothing, players can find it around the central desert; however, it will be challenging as it appears late in the game at level 47. Check …

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pal fluid palworld

Palworld: How to Get Pal Fluid

Pal fluid is a material in Palworld that may be obtained by capturing or killing a water-type pal. Pal Fluids are a necessary component for creating a variety of base features, such as the Witch’s Cauldron and the Hot Spring, that require moisture in some way. As mentioned earlier, water-type pals drop pal fluids when …

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How to find Elizabeth Boss location

Elizabee Boss | How to Find, Stats, Breeding

Elizabee Boss is a Level 31 grass element pal in the game who is crowned queen over Beegardes. It’s one of those crucial pals in the game that every player wants to have on his side for battles, honey, and breeding additional pals. Check out a comprehensive guide to finding Elizabee Boss. Where to Find …

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how to cache nitewing

Nitewing | Location and How to Catch

Palworld is a survival game that will take you on an amazing gaming journey over its expansive map. Players set out on an adventure through this huge environment, where quick travel is crucial for triumph. Now meet Nitewing, your reliable ally who will help you do much more than just escape obstacles and glide through …

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palworld apk download

Palworld APK: How to Download Palworld on Mobile

Palworld is a Pokemon-like game that involves a pal-catching survival video developed by Pocket Pair that offers an amazing adventure in the Palpagos Islands, home to hundreds of mysterious creatures called “Pals”. These creatures can be caught and used to assist you in the game by doing jobs like farming, transporting, building, fighting, and more. …

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Quartz Farm

Palworld: How to Get Pure Quartz and Farm

Quartz is one of the important resources in Palworld to craft larger, better, and more durable items for your survival in the game. If you don’t know the precise position of the quartz, finding it can be difficult. Check out a detailed guide on where to find, how to use, and how to farm quartz …

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all legendary schematics in Palworld

Palworld: How to get all legendary schematics

Legendary schematics provide an edge in the battle against the tower bosses and Alpha Pals in the game, which is challenging to beat. If your pals are struggling to win battles, it’s time to upgrade your gear with legendary schematics. Check out a comprehensive guide to get all the legendary schematics in Palworld. Legendary schematics …

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How to breed an Astegon

Palworld: How to Find and breed an Astegon

Astegon is a dark/dragon element pal in the game. It is one of those rare late-game pals that every player will want to have on his team. However, it’s not easy to breed the Astegon, as it requires rare pals for breeding. Check out the comprehensive guide to breeding an Astegon. How to Breed Astegon …

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gunpowder in palworld

Palworld: How to Get Gunpowder

Gunpowder is a material in Palworld you can farm, collect, and use. Referred to as “Pokemon with Guns,” the game involves extensive use of firearms, which makes Gunpowder a pivotal material essential for crafting ammunition. Check out the comprehensive guide to get the gunpowder fast. Gunpowder is a Tier 21 technology┬áitem and costs 2 points …

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Univolt | Breeding, Location, and Ride Univolt

Univolt is an electric element Pal in the Palworld and is also one of the easiest to catch on level 7. It is very useful in fights to apply electric damage to the player’s attacks while mounted. Also, you can use it to generate electricity on your base. How to Catch Univolt in Palworld Players …

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Escape a Wanted Status Easily in Palworld

Palworld: How To Remove Your Wanted Status

Palworld, a popular monster-hunting survival game has its own laws, and if you break it you will be considered a criminal this happens if you try to harm your pals or local NPCs. If you see “criminal activity underway” or “Wanted” appear on your screen, you should flee or be ready for a fight that …

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Play Palworld for Free

Palworld: Best Hosting Servers

Palworld, a newly popular survival game by Pocket Pair, is making waves in the gaming world. The game provides an open-world, crafting, and survival game that features hunting mysterious creatures known as Pals. Players have the option to create a server to play games on, or they can also enjoy the game on a server …

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