How to Breed Anubis in Palworld

Anubis: Location, Breeding, Breeding Farming

Anubis is one of the aggressive and hostile companions in the Palworld. Anubis is a boss pal that may be found without a specific spawn or home. Based on Egyptian-style clothing, players can find it around the central desert; however, it will be challenging as it appears late in the game at level 47. Check …

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Digtoise Palworld

Digtoise | Location, Breeding, Stats, Skills

Digtoise is one of the best ground element pals in the game. This creature will help you with one of the important tasks, like mining. It will give you access to coal and ore, which are necessary for building your world and getting the best equipment and improvements.  Stats Where to Find Digtoise Digtoise is …

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Palworld Breeding Guide: How to Breed Pals

Breeding is a mechanism in Palworld that allows you to get different passive skills or subspecies of Pals. In Palworld, all pals can breed with each other, and there are over 18,797 breeding partner combinations. Check out the full explanation of pal breeding below. Players will need a breeding farm to breed the pals in …

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Orserk Palworld

Orserk Palworld Location, Breeding

Oserk is a dragon/electric element pal in the game. It is essential that your base be supplied with electricity, and Oserk can solve your electrical supply issue. Due to this, everyone wants this amazing pal on their team, but it’s not easy to catch the pal. That’s why we’ve given you in-depth guidance on how to …

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Cryolinx Palworld location, Stats, and Breeding

Cryolinx is an ice element pal in the game that can increase dropped items from defeated dragon pals. It can gather wood for your base and cool down specific facilities, making it valuable for your team. Check out the comprehensive guide to the location, breeding, and stats of Cryolinx. How to Find Cryolinx Players can …

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Menasting location

How to Find and Catch Menasting in Palworld

Menasting is a dark and ground element pal in the game. When fighting together, it increases the player’s defence, and Electric Pals drop more items when defeated. Every player wishes to have this powerful missile in their team, but catching it may be tough if you don’t know the exact location or how to prepare …

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How to Find and Catch Gobfin in Palworld

In Short Gobfin is a water element pal in the game and can utilize its potent Aqua Gun to attack specific opponents. It makes a player’s attack power higher when they play on a team. Gobfins are also an excellent source of pal fluids, which are needed to manufacture the cement needed to create advanced …

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find and Breed Pengullet in Palworld

How to find and Breed Pengullet in Palworld

Pengullet is an ice-and-water element pal in the game. Upon activation, it makes the player incapacitated. They equip a rocket launcher and fire Pengullet, which explodes on contact.  This pal can be most easily obtained by catching the pal in the wild. Check out a comprehensive guide to finding and breeding Pengullet. Where to Find …

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Elphidran Aqua location

How to Find & Breed Elphidran Aqua in Palworld

Eliphidra Aqua is a dragon and water element pal in the game. This beast of the tides can be ridden as a flying mount, and Fire Pals drop more items when defeated while fighting together. If you were thinking of finding the location of the pal, sorry, but currently there aren’t spawns in Palworld during …

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How to get Bushi

How to Find Bushi in Palworld

Bushi is a fire element pal in the game who can attack targeted enemies with a powerful Iaigiri. Bushi is one of the rarest players in the game that every player wants to have on their team. Check out a comprehensive guide on how to find Bushi in Palworld.  How to get Bushi Players can …

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Find and Breed Grizzbolt

Palworld: How to Find and Breed Grizzbolt

Grizzbolt is an electric element Pal with an aggressive nature. When mounted, it can fire a minigun very quickly. (Grizzbolt’s Minigun is required.) Even though it might be difficult, there are a few tricks to help make it easier when trapping a Grizzbolt. Alternatively, you can also breed your own Grizzbolt. How to find Grizzbolt …

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