Orserk Palworld Location, Breeding

Oserk is a dragon/electric element pal in the game. It is essential that your base be supplied with electricity, and Oserk can solve your electrical supply issue. Due to this, everyone wants this amazing pal on their team, but it’s not easy to catch the pal. That’s why we’ve given you in-depth guidance on how to locate and capture Orserk in Palworld. Check it out below.

How to Find and Catch Orserk

Orserk can be found in the wild at the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located on the map’s northeastern border. This island can only be reached by flying with a flying pal.

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  • Orserk’s location in Palworld: Players have to reach the furthest northeastern region of the game world to find Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3 to locate Orserk in Palworld.
  • Getting Ready for the Trip: Having a long-lasting flying mount is a must while traveling across large bodies of water. Weak horses won’t make it through the trek. Players should also make sure they have enough food for the journey and get ready for the hot weather of the Sand Dunes.
  • Traveling towards Orserk: Players are free to start their journey after completing all required preparations. Time can be saved by making use of quick travel spots, with the PIDF Tower Entrance, Duneshelter, and Deep Sand Dunes all offering easy access to Orserk’s location.

How to Breed Orserk

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To breed Orserk, players will need to catch the Relaxaurus and Grizzbolt of opposite genders. Grizzbolt is located on No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary Island, which is at the southern border of the map. Because Grizzbolt is an extremely aggressive pal, we advise players to travel here with their best pals. You can get here by riding a flying pal or swimming pal. Relaxaurus is located near Ascetic Falls and the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon.

Once got both Grizzbolt and Relaxaurus. Select them to partner on your farm. Remember to give the breeding farm some cake. After a while, they’ll lay a pal egg, which you can hatch later on using an incubator.

You can also check all pal’s breeding combs on our new breeding calculator.

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Orserk Breeding Combos

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Best Ways to Breeding Orserk

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