Palworld: How to Find and Breed Grizzbolt

Grizzbolt is an electric element Pal with an aggressive nature. When mounted, it can fire a minigun very quickly. (Grizzbolt’s Minigun is required.) Even though it might be difficult, there are a few tricks to help make it easier when trapping a Grizzbolt. Alternatively, you can also breed your own Grizzbolt.

How to find Grizzbolt

Grizzbolt is located on No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary Island, which is at the southern border of the map. Because Grizzbolt is an extremely aggressive pal, we advise players to travel here with their best pals. You can get here by riding a flying pal or swimming pal.

Grizzbolt location in map
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Grizzbolt can be found throughout the day as well as at night, but it’s an incredibly elusive Pal, so you’re not likely to find one right away. You might have to wait a while to see a Grizzbolt.

How to Breed Grizzbolt

To breed Grizzbolt, players will need two pals, Mossanda and Rayhound, of opposite genders. Mossanda is usually found in the Mossanda Forest, which is home to this unique Pal and is rich in natural resources. The coordinates of the location are (284, 21) and (249, 44). The large desert region to the northeast of Palworld’s map is home to Rayhound.

Once got both Mossanda and Rayhound. Select them to partner on your farm. Remember to give the breeding farm some cake. After a while, they’ll lay a pale egg, which you can hatch later on using an incubator.


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  • Element: Electric
  • Work Suitability: Generating Electricity 3, Handiwork 2, Transporting 3, and Lumbering 2
  • Partner Skill: Yellow Tank: Rideable with the ability to swiftly unleash a barrage from its minigun while mounted. (Requires Grizzbolt’s Minigun.)
  • Possible Drops: Electric Organ and Leather.

Grizzbolt Breeding Combinations

You can also use our new Palworld Breeding Calculator.

Parent 1Parent 2Child
MossandaGrizzboltMosanda lux

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