How to get metal in palworld

Pal Metal is one of the highest-grade materials in the game and is used to make various late-game items. Pal Metal is required for the manufacturing of armor and weaponry. It is made stronger by combining alloy with Paldium and metal.

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How to get pal Metal

Pal Metal cannot be unlocked through the Technology Tree. To unlock it, players will need an electric furnace, which is unlocked at level 44. This is a workbench that allows you to craft basic items in Palworld.

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To get the electric furnace, the player will need the five technology points and the below-mentioned items:

  • 50 Refined Ingot
  • 10 circuit boards
  • 20 Polymer
  • 20 Carbon Fiber

Making Polymer can be a bit challenging because it needs two High Quality Pal Oil, which isn’t easy to find, but check out our guide to get polymer easily. Woolipop Pals are a good choice as they drop the oil and Cotton Candy. After gathering the resources and building the electric furnace, you can start crafting palmetal ingot.

Now you can craft pal metal ingot in electric furnaces using 4 Ores and 2 Paldium fragments. Yes, that’s all players will need to create Pal Metal Ingot.

Pals that drop Pal Metal Ingot

Players can also acquire Pal Metal Ingot from the pals mentioned below who drop this item upon defeat.

  • Astegon
  • Necromus
  • Paladius
  • Shadowbeak

Astegon is located in the volcanic area within the Destroyed Mineshaft. Necromus may be found at coordinates (446 and 681), northwest of the Deep Sand Dunes teleport point. Paladius, located northwest of the Deep Sand Dunes teleport point at the coordinates 446, 681, and Shadowbeak, inhabit the island designated as No. 3 in the Wildlife Sanctuary, positioned along the eastern edge of the map.

Uses of Pal Metal Ingot

  • Legendary Pal Sphere
  • Homing Sphere Launcher
  • Legendary Rocket Launcher
  • Rocket Ammo
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor
  • Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor
  • Legendary Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor
  • Legendary Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor
  • Legendary Pal Metal Helmet
  • Pal Metal Armor
  • Pal Metal Helm

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