How to Get Leather in Palworld | By Catching Pals, Buy From Wandering Merchants

Leather is a common material in Palworld that can be obtained by defeating certain pals. Leather is largely used as a defensive material in creating armor and Pal Items, such as saddles for mounts. Check out the comprehensive guide to get Leather in Palworld.

Get Leather By Catching Pals

how to get leather palworld
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As mentioned above, leather can be obtained by defeating or catching certain pals, like Foxparks, Fuack, Rooby, Vixy, Chillet, Univolt, Verdask, and more their locations are given below. Additionally, you can buy leather from Wandering Merchants in return for gold.

  • Foxparks: Ice Wind Island, Eastern Wild Island, Windswept Hills, and the Sea Breeze Archipelago.
  • Rooby: Marsh Island and Flying Fish Coast.
  • Chillet: Starting area of the Plateau of Beginnings.
  • Verdask: Pal Sanctuary and Sealed Realm of the Swift.
  • Rushoar: Forgotten Island, Ice Wind Island, Marsh Island, Eastern Wild Island, and Sea Breeze Archipelago.
  • Melpaca: Eastern, Southern, and Western regions of the map.
  • Nitewing: East of the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate.
  • Incineram: Around the western half of Mount Obsidian.
  • Kelpsea: Located in various water bodies across the map.
  • Fuack: Northwest of Rayne Syndicate Tower.
  • Vixy: Desolate Church area.
  • Univolt: Fast travel point in the Deep Bamboo Thicket.
  • Fuddler: Inside dungeons.
  • Direhowl: Past the Windswept Hills.
  • Eikhyrdeer: Sea Breeze Archipelago.
  • Ribbuny: Ice Wind Island, Eastern Wild Island, Bamboo Groves, and Sea Breeze Archipelago.
  • Tombat: Isolated Island Caverns.

Buy Leather Wandering Merchants in Palworld

Wandering Merchants
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Wandering merchants in Palworld offer various rare items, including schematics, consumables, and crafting ingredients.

All Wandering Merchant’s Location

Wandering Merchants Location
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You can obtain leather from these vendors in exchange for gold. Check out their locations in the attached image.

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