How to make Selyne Saddle


Selyne is a new pal in the Palworld introduced in the latest Sakurajima update. The Dark and Neutral type pal spawns occasionally while the meteor strikes the ground. You can ride this beautiful moon Pokemon using the saddle.

Yes, you read that right! This pal allows you to fly high into the sky. Check out the comprehensive guide below to make Selyne Saddle in Palworld.

Make Selyne Saddle 1

You can craft the saddle on the Pal Gear Workbench. To unlock the Selyne Saddle in Palworld, you must be at level 53 and have 4 technology points. Once you reach the required level, you’ll need the following items in order to make the saddle:

  • Leather – 20
  • Plasteel – 30
  • Meteorite Fragments – 10
  • Paldium Fragments – 60
Selyne Saddle

Leather – You can get Leather early in the game. Pals like Rushoar and Eikthyrdeer drop the Leather upon being defeated also you can buy it from Wandering Merchants for 150 Gold coins located in Small Settlement.

Plasteel – Plasteel is a new material in the Palworld that can only be made with an electric furnace. Each Plasteel requires 5 Crude Oil, 5 Paldium Fragments, and 10 Ore.

Meteorite Fragments – Meteorite Fragment is also a new material in Palworld, which was added in the Sakurajima update. You can collect this material from Meteorite events; it might also be dropped by Zenogard and Xenovader pals upon defeat. 

Paldium Fragments – Paldium Fragments can be mined at small nodes located around the map. These might look like small boulders with a blue, veinlike surface.

Once you gather all the materials, craft the saddle on the Pal Gear Workbench and enjoy the ride of the beautiful Moon Pokemon. 

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