Palworld Mod: Breed Unreleased Pals Dark Mutant, BoltMane, Dragostrophe

Palworld’s new mod adds three pals to the game, including that one who looks like that Pokemon Mewto rip-off. Although the developers promote fair play, certain players still wish to acquire more pals once they have collected all of them.

That is where “Breed Unreleased Pals” comes into the picture. It is developed by ShameIHaveNoFriends and it allows you to play with pals that are in the game’s files but have not been released officially yet.

The three new pals are Dark Mutant, Dragostrophe, and Bolt Mane, although ShameIHaveNoFriends has said how they can be bred. As a result, all the Poképals have been given moves for attacking purposes.

Palworld Mod Breed Unreleased Pals
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All look like Pokémon, with Dark Mutant looking like Mega Mewtwo Y, Bolt Mane resembling Luxray, and Dragostrophe invoking Zekrom.

DarkMutant Active Skills

  • Level 1: PoisonFog
  • Level 7: DarkBall
  • Level 15: Shadow Burst
  • Level 22: Spirit Flame
  • Level 30: Nightmare Ball
  • Level 40: Dark Laser
  • Level 45: Psycho Gravity
  • Level 50: Dark Whisp

Boltmane – ElectricType Active Skills

  • Level 1: Spark Blast
  • Level 7: Shockwave
  • Level 15: Electric Ball
  • Level 22: Plasma Tornado
  • Level 30: Lock-on Laser
  • Level 40: Lightning Streak
  • Level 50: Lightning Bolt

Boltmane – FireType Active Skills

  • Level 1: Ignis Blast
  • Level 7: Spirit Fire
  • Level 15: Flare Arrow
  • Level 22: Ignis Breath
  • Level 30: Flare Storm
  • Level 40: Ignis Rage
  • Level 50: Fire Ball

Dragostrophe Active Skills

  • Level 1: DarkBall
  • Level 7: Spirit Flame
  • Level 15: Dragon Cannon
  • Level 22: Dragon Burst
  • Level 30: Draconic Breath
  • Level 40: Dark Laser
  • Level 50: Dragon Meteor

Earlier attempts to involve Pokémon in mods of Palworld were met with legal issues, leading to modders producing “legally distinct” versions such as “Yellow Rat.” It is up to PocketPair to decide whether these new pals will be officially integrated into the game or not.

While later updates may make it possible for players to access them, Pocketpair’s closed testing program is not meant for the early release of future content or free play.

How to Install Breed Unreleased Pals Mod

Breed Unreleased Pals Mod
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  • Step 1: Visit the provided link.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the “Files” section.
  • Step 3: Select the desired mod and click on the “Manual Download” option.
  • Step 4: Choose between the free slow or premium fast download option.

Once the download is complete:

  • Step 5: Open Steam and navigate to your library.
  • Step 6: Right-click on “Palworld” and select “Manage,” then choose “Browse local files.” This will locate the actual file location.
  • Step 7: Navigate through the folders: Pal -> Content -> Paks. Among them, there should be a file named “Pal-Window-pak.” Leave this file as is.
  • Step 8: Now, locate the downloaded mod file. Right-click on it and select “Extract Files.” A pop-up window will appear with options such as “Display” and “New Folder” above.
  • Step 9: Copy the link of “Pal-Window-pak” and go back to the extract files pop-up. Cut the link of “New Folder” there and paste the previously copied “Pal-Window-pak” link in its place.
  • Step 10: Press “Enter” and enjoy the game with the installed mod.

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