How To Get Lily's Spear

Palworld: How To Get Lily’s Spear

The Lily’s Spear is a level 40 powerful melee weapon in the Palworld that can provide significant damage. It can also be used to mine ores, saving you a lot of time. Check out the comprehensive guide to craft Lily’s Spear. Lily’s Spear Stats Lily’s Spear – The spear cherished by Lily. Punishes individuals who …

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Move palworld save data gamepass steam

Move Save Data from Xbox GamePass to Steam Palworld

If you want to move your saved world from the Game Pass PC client to Steam without losing progress and play with friends who are on Steam, there‚Äôs a solution. You can keep all your Pals and other things. Follow the below steps to move save data from GamePass to Steam. To start, make sure …

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How to capture merchants in Palworld

How to Capture Merchants in Palworld

Merchants are Palworld NPCs from whom you can purchase and sell an array of items, including Pals, Resources, and several other items. From basic crafting ingredients to building supplies and gear upgrades, the many Merchants spread around Palworld’s terrain have a wide range of items for sale. All Merchants Pal Merchant: These merchants sell or Buy a …

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How to Breed Anubis in Palworld

Anubis: Location, Breeding, Breeding Farming

Anubis is one of the aggressive and hostile companions in the Palworld. Anubis is a boss pal that may be found without a specific spawn or home. Based on Egyptian-style clothing, players can find it around the central desert; however, it will be challenging as it appears late in the game at level 47. Check …

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How to Play Palworld on Mac Os Easy

Palworld is only available on Xbox and PC (via Steam). Therefore, Mac users face a real challenge. However, if you are eager to enjoy the game on Mac, there is a way you can still play Palworld on your Mac by employing the Game Porting Toolkit. The only unfortunate thing about this method is that …

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pal fluid palworld

Palworld: How to Get Pal Fluid

Pal fluid is a material in Palworld that may be obtained by capturing or killing a water-type pal. Pal Fluids are a necessary component for creating a variety of base features, such as the Witch’s Cauldron and the Hot Spring, that require moisture in some way. As mentioned earlier, water-type pals drop pal fluids when …

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Summoning Altar

Palworld: How to get Summoning Altar and Uses

Summoning Altar is an ancient technology in Palworld used to summon extremely powerful pals who give amazing rewards ranging from rare items to Huge Dark Eggs featuring the raid boss itself. This strange-looking structure is found in the wildlife sanctuaries near No Man’s Trail in the Astral Mountains and Mount Obsidian. Check out the comprehensive …

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How to Play Palworld on Steamdeck

The 2024 sensation, Palworld, a pals-catching survival video game, is playable on Valve’s Steamdeck, although it’s not that smooth. There is a mod that provides you with a smooth Palworld experience on Steamdeck. Check out the comprehensive guide to installing it. Pockepair’s Palworld captures the gaming world within a short time. Dubbed “Pokemon With Guns,” …

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Palworld: How to Get Nails and its Uses

Nails are one of the essential items in Palworld to craft items like the Sphere Workbench and the High-Quality Workbench. However, nails can’t be found anywhere in the world unless you get lucky with a chest. Check out the comprehensive guide to getting nails and using them. To craft nails, you’ll need to get Primitive …

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How to find Elizabeth Boss location

Elizabee Boss | How to Find, Stats, Breeding

Elizabee Boss is a Level 31 grass element pal in the game who is crowned queen over Beegardes. It’s one of those crucial pals in the game that every player wants to have on his side for battles, honey, and breeding additional pals. Check out a comprehensive guide to finding Elizabee Boss. Where to Find …

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how to cache nitewing

Nitewing | Location and How to Catch

Palworld is a survival game that will take you on an amazing gaming journey over its expansive map. Players set out on an adventure through this huge environment, where quick travel is crucial for triumph. Now meet Nitewing, your reliable ally who will help you do much more than just escape obstacles and glide through …

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palworld apk download

Palworld APK: How to Download Palworld on Mobile

Palworld is a Pokemon-like game that involves a pal-catching survival video developed by Pocket Pair that offers an amazing adventure in the Palpagos Islands, home to hundreds of mysterious creatures called “Pals”. These creatures can be caught and used to assist you in the game by doing jobs like farming, transporting, building, fighting, and more. …

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