Palworld: How To Get Lily’s Spear

The Lily’s Spear is a level 40 powerful melee weapon in the Palworld that can provide significant damage. It can also be used to mine ores, saving you a lot of time. Check out the comprehensive guide to craft Lily’s Spear.

Lily’s Spear Stats

Lily’s Spear – The spear cherished by Lily. Punishes individuals who neglect their pals.

  • Category – Melee
  • Rarity – Rare
  • Damage – 450
  • Durability – 500
  • Weight – 10
Lily Spear

To get the Lily’s Spear, players must reach level 40. This technology can be found on the Ancient Technology Tab and unlocked by spending three Ancient Technology Points. To gain Ancient Technology Points, defeat Alpha Pals and Tower Bosses.

Once you’ve unlocked the Lily’s Spear recipe, you can craft it with the Weapon Assembly Line and the materials listed below:

  • x20 Paldium Fragments
  • x50 Wood
  • x20 Ancient Civilization Parts
  • x20 High Quality Cloth
  • x30 Refined Ingots

Paldium Fragments can be mined in small nodes located around the map. These might look like small boulders with a blue, veinlike surface, and Wood is one of the most readily available materials, as it can be found all over the world.

Defeating an Alpha Boss Pal drops an Ancient Civilization Part. Alpha bosses may be found across the map and High-Quality Cloth can be crafted using a High-Quality Workbench, for 10 Wool.

You can Craft Refined Ingots with 2 Ores and 2 Coals. To unlock this option, you must have an Improved Furnace. This Technology is unlocked at level 34.

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