How to Play Palworld on Mac Os Easy

Palworld is only available on Xbox and PC (via Steam). Therefore, Mac users face a real challenge. However, if you are eager to enjoy the game on Mac, there is a way you can still play Palworld on your Mac by employing the Game Porting Toolkit.

The only unfortunate thing about this method is that it may be difficult for many players, especially if you are not tech-savvy or do not know how to use a terminal. Nevertheless, don’t worry, as it’s possible, even if it might be slightly challenging. One reliable method for installation is using a tool called Orion. Check out the process for installing Orion. 

To play Palworld on Mac, you must first install the Game Porting Toolkit. 

How to play Palworld in Mac Os

Install Game Porting Toolkit To Play Palworld on Mac

Installing Game Porting Toolkit on macOS:

To install the Game Porting Toolkit on your Mac, follow these steps:


  • Make sure you’re using macOS Sonoma for compatibility.
  • Download the pkg installer from Mr Macintosh blog.
  • Visit the Apple Developer Downloads site and search for “Command Line Tools for Xcode 15 beta.” Download the dmg file and run the contained pkg file.
  • Remove any old versions of Xcode if you have them installed.

Automated Installer:

  • Alternatively, you can use the automated installer available from InstallAware’s GitHub Repo, which simplifies the installation process.
  • This installer is notarized by Apple and runs smoothly without any known malware concerns.

Macports (ADVANCED USERS ONLY) or Homebrew:

If you prefer Homebrew, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Terminal (search in Spotlight).

Step 2: Install Rosetta by running softwareupdate


Step 3: Enter an x86_64 shell environment by running.

arch -x86_64 zsh

Step 4: Install the x86_64 version of Homebrew by running

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Step 5: Set the path by running

(echo; echo 'eval "$(/usr/local/bin/brew shellenv)"') >> ~/.zprofile

Step 6: Make sure Homebrew is on your path by running which brew.


Run this command to download Apple tap:

brew tap apple/apple

Install the game-porting-toolkit formula by running

brew -v install apple/apple/game-porting-toolkit

Prebuilt Option:

Alternatively, you can use the prebuilt GPTK formula maintained by Gcenx by running.

brew install gcenx/wine/game-porting-toolkit

Toolkit Update:

  • Ensure you’re in an x86_64 shell by running arch -x86_64 zsh.
  • Run Homebrew to gather potential updates and upgrade Apple’s GPTK formula by running.
brew update && brew upgrade apple/apple/game-porting-toolkit

Toolkit Preparation:

  • Mount the Game Porting Toolkit dmg file.
  • Copy the Toolkit library directory into Wine’s library directory by running.
ditto /Volumes/Game\ Porting\ Toolkit-1.0/redist/lib/ $(brew --prefix game-porting-toolkit)/lib/

Copy the 3 scripts from the Toolkit DMG into /usr/local/bin by running.

cp /Volumes/Game\ Porting\ Toolkit*/gameportingtoolkit* /usr/local/bin

Wine Prefix:

Create a new Wine prefix by running.

WINEPREFIX=~/my-game-prefix $(brew --prefix game-porting-toolkit)/bin/wine64 winecfg


  • Use provided scripts like gameportingtoolkit for standard launching or customize your commands as needed.

Install gaming platforms

For Steam:

  • Download the Windows version of Steam.
  • Install Steam: gameportingtoolkit ~/my-game-prefix ~/Downloads/SteamSetup.exe.
  • Run Steam: gameportingtoolkit ~/my-game-prefix 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam.exe'.


  • Download the Windows version of
  • Make a new Wineprefix for
  • Run the launcher: gameportingtoolkit ~/my-game-prefix ~/Downloads/

Launch games

  • Use the provided commands (gameportingtoolkit) to launch games with or without HUD, or with ESYNC disabled.

After you have successfully installed the Apple Game Porting Toolkit, follow these steps:

  • Get the latest Orion release from their releases page.
  • Unzip it and move the Orion binary to /usr/local/bin/ or run the provided install script.


  • Launch your terminal and execute the “Orion” command.
  • Orion will detect games already installed via Steam and, as well as the Game Porting Toolkit itself.
  • You can start games directly from the command line using Orion.


  • Start a game using the command line.
  • It is easier since once we install Orion, it will automatically recognize all the games installed on our systems through either Steam or 
  • It identifies the Game Porting Toolkit’s existence to ensure seamless integration into the gaming setup.

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