How to Get Petallia in Palworld: Location & Breeding Combs

Petallia is a grass-element pal in the game. When activated, it uses the power of medicinal flowers to replenish the player’s HP. Petallia is an excellent choice for planting and sowing berries, wheat, lettuce, and tomatoes at the player’s base because it also has a high foundation planting level. Check out the comprehensive guide to find and catch Petallia. 

Where to Find Petallia Location

Players can locate the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary island on the map’s southern edge. We recommend passengers bring a flying mount or swimming pal to the location. Also, Petallia Level 28 Alpha Boss is a spawned Sealed Realm of Spirits north of the Ancient Ritual Site teleport point. 

Petallia location palworld
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How to catch Petallia

Players can catch Petallia using any fire element pal, such as Foxparks, who can take advantage of Petallia’s weakness as he is a grass element pal, which is naturally weaker than a fire element pal. Alpha Boss Petallia uses a ranged attack that players can dodge by taking advantage of the broken pillar’s location and using the high-quality Pal Spheres.

How to Breed Petallia 

To breed Petallia, players will need two pals, Woolipop and Pyrin, of opposite genders. Woolipop can be found west of the Rayne Syndicate Tower in a grassland environment consisting of four main fast-travel statues: Ravine Entrance (-66, -424), Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster (-109, -466), Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon (-215, -349), and Ascetic Falls (-223, -441). Pyrin can be found at spawn points all over this volcanic area to the west of the map.

Once got both Woolipop and Pyrin. Select them to partner on your farm. Remember to give the breeding farm some cake. After a while, they’ll lay a pale egg, which you can hatch later on using an incubator.

Pal Info: Petallia

  • Element: Grass
  • Partner Skill: Blessing of the Flower Spirit: When activated, replenish the player’s HP
  • Work Suitability: Planting 3, Handiwork 2, Gathering 2, Medicine Production 2, and Transporting 1
  • Possible Drops: Bone, Large Pal Soul, and Innovative Technical Manual

All Petallia Breeding Combos

You can also use our new Palworld Breeding Calculator.

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