Palworld: How to Stack Items Quickly in a Chest with a Single Button

A single click button can quickly stack all items from your inventory into a chest, making it convenient for you. If any of the items are already in the chest, they will be added to their respective stacks immediately. Check out the comprehensive guide to stacking items quickly in a chest with a single button.

How to Stack Items Quickly

To quickly stack items in a chest with a single button, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Open a chest in Palworld.

Step 2 – Use one of the following buttons based on your controller:

  • Keyboard and mouse: Press “R”
  • Xbox controller: Press “RB”
  • PlayStation controller: Press R1
  • Nintendo Switch controller: Press R
Stack Items
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

Please note that this function may not be obvious right away in Palworld. But there is a button prompt at the bottom right corner while opening a chest that you can use as an indication of its availability. However, many gamers might miss this prompt easily.

Unless it is gold (which stacks up to 99 million or (99,999,999), most materials have a maximum stack size of 9,999 in Palworld. By effectively planning your storage facilities, you could keep most things within single stacks at your base.

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