Move Save Data from Xbox GamePass to Steam Palworld

If you want to move your saved world from the Game Pass PC client to Steam without losing progress and play with friends who are on Steam, there’s a solution. You can keep all your Pals and other things. Follow the below steps to move save data from GamePass to Steam.

To start, make sure that you have GPSaveConverter, which can be found at this link: GPSaveConverter. The Palworld setting is available at this link: Palworld setting.

Step 1 – Create your world and character using the Steam Client, then exit the game.

Step 2 – Back up your Palworld Steam save file.

  1. Find your save file location at: %localappdata%\Pal\Saved\SaveGames\<your steam id>\<your world id> For Example : %localappdata%\Pal\Saved\SaveGames\7656119817659069\1217309647AABC19A03DC89D306A94DB
  2. Then copy and paste the folder
  3. Paste the copied folder to a new path <something like D:\>
  4. Delete backup folder inside folder <something like D:\1217309647AABC19A03DC89D306A94DB\backup>

Step 3 – Open GPSaveConverter and select Palworld

Step 4 – Click File -> Load Game profile <select your saved Palworld setting>

Step 5 – Select non-Xbox Location <something like D:\1217309647AABC19A03DC89D306A94DB\>

Step 6 – On the right side it will have a name.

  1. container name 1, container name 2, and values like:
  2. id-WorldOptionData <something like 0A82798A4BEE52DDD958ABBAD612E9FC-WorldOptionData>
  3. id-level <something like 2D99B40E43A8C3A605FF669A25B0B62B-Level>
  4. id-level meta <something like 2D99B40E43A8C3A605FF669A25B0B62B-LevelMeta>
  5. id-local data <something like 2D99B40E43A8C3A605FF669A25B0B62B-Localdata>
  6. id-Players-idplayer <something like 2D99B40E43A8C3A605FF669A25B0B62B-Players-00000000000000000000000000000001>

Step 7 – Select -WorldOptionData, -level, -levelMeta, -local data, -Players (only 1 world)

  1. It will highlight the same filename in the bottom list
  2. if not highlight click File ->edit non-Xbox Location then add \ after your path <something like D:\1217309647AABC19A03DC89D306A94DB\ >

Step 8 – Click the “V” button and confirm overwriting the file.

Step 9 – Copy your edited save file back to your Steam save location <something like D:\1217309647AABC19A03DC89D306A94DB to %localappdata%\Pal\Saved\SaveGames\7656119817659069\1217309647AABC19A03DC89D306A94DB

One drawback is that you are currently unable to change the player’s name.

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