How to Find and Catch Knocklem

Knocklem palworld

Kanaklem is one of the many new pals that have been added to Palworld with the latest Sakurama update. Kanaklem is one of the strongest new alpha pals in the game. Finding and catching this beast can be challenging as this is a level 55 alpha pal, but don’t worry; we’ve compiled for you a comprehensive guide to catching Knocklem.


  • Element: Ground
  • Work Suitability: Gathering 3, Mining 3, and Transporting 4.
  • Drops: Ore
  • Partner Skill: When activated, a steel boosts Knocklem’s attack and defense.

Where to Find Knocklem

Currently, Knocklem can only be found in one place—on the Sakurajima Island valley. The exact coordinates of the location are (-676, 174) located on the west side of the Isle. The easiest way to reach the location is by locating a large waterfall while riding on the flying mount.

How to Catch Knocklem


Knockem is one of the strongest Alpha pals in the game, and catching him is tough. You need to follow the proper strategy below when engaging in the fight. Use grass-element pals, as Knocklem is weaker against them. You can use pals like Mossanda, Verdash, Broncherry, Petallia, and more. Use a legendary or higher rarety sphere in the fight to succeed. When fighting, equip the Ring of Mercy accessory to prevent your HP.

Active and Passive Skills

Active SkillsPassive Skills
Power Shot
Stone Blast
Stone Cannon
Rock Lance
Ground Cutter
Sand Twister
Work Slave
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