Palworld Xbox version v0.2.2.0

Palworld: Xbox version v0.2.2.0 is Available Now

Good news for Xbox players the anticipated Palworld Xbox version v0.2.2.0 is now available to download and play. The Steam version arrived a few hours ago and this time, Xbox users also received the update quickly. Although Palworld is still in early access, players may encounter bugs, fails, and other problems. The game’s developer, Pocket …

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raid boss update

Palworld: Released Raid Boss Update v0.2.0.6 Steam and Xbox

Popular monster-catching survival game Palworld has released a patch (v0.2.06) that includes the Raid Boss Update, which is currently playable on Steam and Xbox. Check out the full list of fixes, enhancements, and updates included in the patch below. New Content Pals UI Player Base Related Balance Adjustment Bug Fixes Others Dedicated Server Cheat Prevention …

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Palworld Pokemon Mod

Palworld: Pokemon Mod is Available For Download Now

The highly conversational Palworld pokemod mode, which was unavailable for a while, has returned. However, notice how it no longer looks like a Pokemon at all. Everything in this mod has been modified by modder “ToastedShoes” in response to Nintendo’s action. Palworld Pokemon Mod, created by ToastedShoes, gained popularity for changing the main character into …

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Palworld Adult Version

Palworld Adult Version: Palworld Dating Sim More Than Just Pals

Palworld a popular monster-catching survival game is expanding its boundaries with an adult version set to be released on April 1, 2025. Developer PocketPair unveils ‘More Than Just Pals’ as the thrilling assertion. Since its release (early access), Palworld has captivated gamers with its amazing adventures throughout the Palpagos Islands where you can catch mysterious …

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palworld art giveaway

Palworld: Fans Can Win $100 Steam Gift Cards from Pocketpair

Palworld, a popular monster-hunting video game developed by Pocket Pair, is making waves in the gaming industry. In addition to creating a fantastic survival video game with a unique concept, which fans called “Pokemon With Guns,” the developers are also giving Palworld fans the chance to easily win $100 Steam gift cards. As a thank …

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Is Palworld Coming to PS5 and PS4

Is Palworld Coming to PS5 and PS4?

Palworld, a new survival game developed by Pocket Pair, is making waves in the gaming industry. The popularity of the game can be gauged from the fact that even while in early access, Palworld has become the second-most-played game on Steam. The third-person perspective game offers players an amazing journey to explore the open-world Palpagos …

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Is Palworld Available on Mobile?

Is Palworld coming to mobile?

In an exciting announcement, Apple has featured Palworld on the app store, revealing a scheduled release date of February 4, 2024. This has generated a buzz among fans, eagerly anticipating the mobile version of the highly popular game. However, later, through an announcement, Pocket Pair clarified that there is no Palworld application available for phones. …

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Palworld Get New Update on Xbox

Palworld releases the new update for the Xbox and Microsoft Store PC versions. As the game is still in its early stages, it has some glitches and errors. The update will fix some of them. However, the PC version still has to wait for the update. Palworld New Update Developer Pocket Pair has released the …

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New Palworld mod

How to install Palworld New Mod Which Adds Essential Feature

Plaworld, a new survival game developed by Pocket Pair, is already a block buster in the gaming community. The new mod of Plaworld has added a much-needed minimap to the game, making it more thrilling for fans. The mod makes navigation much easier in the game. Palworld is still in its early access release, and …

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Palworld VS Pokemon

Palworld VS Pokemon Comparison Between Both Of Them

Palworld VS Pokemon: Pocket Pair’s latest survival game, Palworld, became highly popular in its early access phase, gaining the tagline “Pokemon With Guns” from fans who admire its unique style. However, there is always a comparison going on between Pokemon and Palworld, even though Palworld has introduced numerous unique elements in its gameplay in contrast …

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