Palworld to Feature New Pals, Bosses, Islands, and More: Check Details

In an exciting announcement, Palworld’s developers have revealed in the game’s roadmap that new islands, new bosses, new technologies, and new pals will all be joining the game. Also, the game will feature the addition of a new PvP mode and more.

New Pals are coming to Palworld

According to the roadmap, the new Pals are coming into the game, but the exact number is not disclosed yet. Players are anticipating the arrival of two new pals: “Drago Throb” and “Bolt Main.” Although it hasn’t been seen in the game yet, Drago Throb, a stunning red and black dragon, made an appearance in a trailer and sparked curiosity. Although its model is available online, it’s uncertain if players can acquire Bolt Main, a pal with an electric vibe.

Developers have not revealed any dates regarding the release of the new Pals. Fans can expect it after the full release of the game. Palworld is still in its early stages of access, featuring around 2 million concurrent players, which is a huge stress for the game servers. The primary focus of Power World updates is identified as addressing game issues, especially during the early access phase, where perfection is elusive.

New Pals are coming to Palworld
Image Source: Palworld

New Islands in Palworld

There is a possibility of new islands being introduced in tandem with the new Pals, as suggested by the game’s roadmap. It will be more interesting to play the game once they introduce the new island and pals. However, the date and timing of the release have not been revealed yet by the developers.

New PvP Mode

Player vs. player (PvP) action will be added to Palworld soon, allowing users to engage in combat with their pals—Pokémon-like animals. In the future, bosses will be present in the game’s raids.

Additionally, cross-platform gameplay and feature transfer between Steam and Xbox are planned for the game, but first, the creators are focusing on resolving problems and addressing cheaters.

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