Palworld APK: How to Download Palworld on Mobile

Palworld is a Pokemon-like game that involves a pal-catching survival video developed by Pocket Pair that offers an amazing adventure in the Palpagos Islands, home to hundreds of mysterious creatures called “Pals”. These creatures can be caught and used to assist you in the game by doing jobs like farming, transporting, building, fighting, and more.

Palworld Commonly known as “Pokemon with Guns” among fans, the game is set in an open world. Players can enjoy the game solo, solo, or online with up to 32 players on one server.


Palworld is a third-person perspective game where players will go on an exploration of the open-world Palpagos Islands, where hundreds of creatures known as Pals are inhabited. Pals can be used to fight, or they can be made to work on farms or factories.

You can even sell them or eat them. During the exploration of the Palpagos Islands, players must maintain their hunger level. The journey is lengthy, and players need to use food wisely, craft basic tools, gather materials, and build bases that serve as fast travel points. Also, players can unlock the technology tree, which helps them craft and use weapons, structures, and decorations.

Once they reach the Pal Islands, players need to fight with the Pals to weaken them. Players have to use the “Pal Spheres” to capture the 100 different Pals. The spheres vary in strength. All of the spheres are available, from mega to legendary. Pals can also be bought from the black market in the game. To purchase the pals, players have to trade them with non-player characters that are not controlled by a player in the game or can be traded with other players.

Pals can be captured by first making them weaker in battle and then using “Pal Spheres.” Pals can be sold, traded, or captured. Pals can help you with a variety of tasks, like farming, transporting, hunting, etc., and each pal has a completely unique Partner Skill for extra abilities.

There are several factions in the game, and each has its leader. These factions include human NPCs who may be opposed. If you commit crimes, NPCs attack you until you escape or defeat them.

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Game NamePalworld
GenreAction, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access
PlatformWindows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Release DateComing Soon…
Early AccessComing Soon…

How to Download Palworld APK

Unfortunately, the APK is currently unavailable. Please stay tuned for future updates.

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