Palworld: How to Prevent Trees From Growing

If you are also frustrated with growing trees at your base don’t worry we have a prominent solution for you to prevent trees from growing at your base. Getting rid of this issue is pretty simple.

Palworld, a monster-catching survival video game, is quickly gaining immense popularity among fans in a short time, making waves in the gaming industry. You can catch the hundreds of pals in the game and they will work for you on your base from crafting, fighting, transporting, and much more. Having a perfect base is crucial for accessing all resources and gaining an advantageous position in battles.

Prevent Trees From Growing At Your Base

Here’s how to prevent trees from growing in Palworld:

  1. Determine which trees you want to prevent from growing.
  2. Use an appropriate tool or weapon to fall into the trees.
  3. Remove the foundations where the trees grew.
  4. Ensure that the area where the trees were removed is free of trash and roots.
  5. Obtain replacement foundations if needed.
  6. Place the replacement foundations in the cleared area where the trees once grew.
  7. Ensure that the foundations are properly installed and cover the entire area where the trees were removed.
  8. By repairing the foundations, you can prevent trees from regrowing in that region.
prevent trees from growing at your base
Image source: Palworld

Similarly, If you want to prevent trees from growing outside your base, follow the same steps. Take down the outside trees and build a foundation in that space. The trees will never grow in that area.

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