Who is the castaway in Palworld?

In Palworld, several fictions clash over divergent ideologies, with each leader defending his territory and members. One individual in particular, referred to as the Castaway, stands out among them.

As you travel through Palworld, you’ll come across journal entries signed by the mysterious Castaway. Though they are not displayed in the game, this character’s influence is felt throughout.

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Palworld has 38 journals in total, which you can read from your menu. It does state that there are 39 journals in total. However, the 39th is not included in the current version. Aside from the region where you first spawned, they are dispersed over the map without a clear pattern.

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The Castaway’s Arrival

Upon arriving at the Palpagos Islands, the Castaway’s journey began with adversity. After a vicious attack at their first meeting, they were left stranded on the island and cut off from the outside world. Unfazed, they go off on a survival quest, making friends with strange beings referred to as “Pals” and discovering mysterious ancient sites.

The Castaway, the Pals, and the Ancients

The Castaway developed a special closeness with the Pals as they learned more about the island’s mysteries and used their abilities to negotiate the hazardous landscape. In addition, the ruins of an old civilization they came upon during their exploration sparked their interest in the island’s past.

Encountering Humans

For the Castaway, communicating with other humans on the island was both dangerous and fascinating. The Castaway approached interactions cautiously because they were unsure of their background and goals and frequently encountered rivalry from some groups. They persevered in the face of difficulties, relying on their pals for assistance and safety.
Reaching the Tower.

Reaching The Tower

The Castaways discovered additional hints regarding the secrets of the island as the journey went on, especially about the enormous buildings scattered across the ground. These buildings, which were thought to be ruins of the old civilization, provided the Castaways with important knowledge and untapped potential that advanced their search for clarity.

sacrificing morals

The Castaway’s integrity was put to the test as they dealt with hardship and ran out of resources. Crafting tough decisions was often necessary for survival, such as going hunting for food and crafting weapons for protection against attackers. The Castaway was fierce in the face of the challenges they faced in their search to learn the truth about the island’s mysteries.

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