How to put out a fire on your base in Palworld

In Palworld, you must take extreme caution in case of a fire in a raid situation on your base and know how to put out fires. Fire situations can be frightening since your hard work could be destroyed during raids, but you can escape them by using the instructions below to put out the fire on your base.

You can put out a fire on your base using two different methods. The first method requires you to have the water element pal, and the second requires you to enter build mode and put out any fires in your base’s areas.

Method 1

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Water element pals such as Azurobe, Fuack, Penking, or Celeray can be of great assistance to you in this situation since they will extinguish any fire on their own. However, how well they do it will depend on their level and strength.

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Fuack is situated in a region to the south of the island’s small settlement. Penking can be found in Palworld’s Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings and the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary. You might also be able to spot a few in Windswept Hills. Celaray is situated on a beach southeast of the small settlement. This region is located on Palworld’s initial island west of the Plateau of Beginnings.

Method 2

The game is interrupted by the second method. Simply go to build mode and remove the burning pieces of your base. Everything you take out will vanish, including the fire.

How to prevent fire on your base

Building a stone or steel base will help you avoid base fires since, although they are more resistant than wood and won’t catch fire, they can still sustain damage from raids. Gathering all the materials can take some time, but if that bothers you, you can simply disable raids in the game’s settings.

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