Base Ideas for Palworld

Top 5 Base Ideas for Palworld

Making a base is an essential part of the Palworld. A perfect base would have easy access to the maximum resources in the game and the ideal place to farm and do more things. You can build your base as per your favorite shape and size. Check out the 5 best base ideas for Palworld. …

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fire palworld

How to put out a fire on your base in Palworld

In Palworld, you must take extreme caution in case of a fire in a raid situation on your base and know how to put out fires. Fire situations can be frightening since your hard work could be destroyed during raids, but you can escape them by using the instructions below to put out the fire …

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Build a Base in Palworld for Beginners

How to Build a Base in Palworld for Beginners

Palworld, a newly popular survival game, provides an amazing adventure in the big open world of the Palpagos Islands. In this adventure, you will have to face the mysterious creatures known as Pals, along with other enemies. For survival in all this, a good base is very important. Check out how to build a base …

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