How to Build a Base in Palworld for Beginners

Palworld, a newly popular survival game, provides an amazing adventure in the big open world of the Palpagos Islands. In this adventure, you will have to face the mysterious creatures known as Pals, along with other enemies. For survival in all this, a good base is very important. Check out how to build a base in Palworld for beginners.

Build a Base in Palworld

To build a base, select a good location first. For beginners, it is very important to build the base in a good location with good access to coal, ore, sulphur, trees, rocks, and more. Plaworld offers a wide, open world for players to make their base, but we have provided such ideal locations. Check it out here: Palworld Best Base Locations.

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After selecting the location, deploy your palbox, which you will get at level 2 at the location. assign the different pals to gather resources and perform tasks like cutting down trees, transporting them, and more.

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Now set up your base into multiple functional areas to create a systematic workflow with crafting tables, resource-generating stations, and storage. Build a home for yourself and your pets with feed boxes. As you level up, unlock and incorporate new crafting tables into your base.

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Now prepare for base raids by setting up defences. This is one of the important things to do properly. Players can set up defence by upgrading wooden structures to metallic ones, which will increase their durability. Use sandbags and defensive walls to protect against raids, and for security, integrate defensive pals, bows, and eventually mounted crossbows.

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After completing your first base, focus on building the second and third bases. You can unlock the ability to create additional bases as you level up your Palbox. Focus on levelling up your base and Palbox.

These instructions will help you set up a secure and organised base in Palworld, which will allow for quicker and smoother game progress.

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