Palworld: How to get Summoning Altar and Uses

Summoning Altar is an ancient technology in Palworld used to summon extremely powerful pals who give amazing rewards ranging from rare items to Huge Dark Eggs featuring the raid boss itself.

This strange-looking structure is found in the wildlife sanctuaries near No Man’s Trail in the Astral Mountains and Mount Obsidian. Check out the comprehensive guide to get Summoning Altar and how to use it.

How to get Summoning Altar

The Summoning Altar is unlocked after reaching level 30 in Palworld. After unlocking, you will require the 100x Stone, 20x Paldium Fragment, and 3 Ancient Technology Points to get the Summoning Altar.

Summoning Altar palworld
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

Stone is scattered all over the Palpagos Islands, and Paldium fragments are obtained from blue Paldium rock found near the river in the beginning area of Palworld.

However, each summoning altar can only be used once. After you summon the Raid Boss, it is going to be destroyed. So if you want to fight the boss multiple times, you may need to gather quite a few stone and palladium fragments.

How to Use Summoning Altar

You need to collect the Slab Fragments for the Summoning Altar to work. Currently, the only Slab Fragments available in Plaworld are Bellanoir and Bellanoir Libero, which are located at the end of the dungeons.

After gathering the 4 same Slab Fragments craft a Pal Slab on any workbench you have. Once you craft a Pal Slab head to the Summoning Altar and use it there. The slab will summon the Raid Boss and you have to fight the boss to get the rewards.

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