How To Get Dog Coin in Palworld Fast

dog coin palworld

The latest Sakurajima update of the Palworld adds Dog Coins, an exciting new currency, to the game. The new currency allows you to deal with the Medal Merchant, who sells various items such as rare elixirs, hats, and helmets.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to getting the Dog Coin fast in Palworld, which will introduce you to Medal Merchant to add new cosmetics to your inventory.

How to Get Dog Coins

Defeat Mimogs

dog coin

Defeating Momogs is the quickest way to get the Dog Coin in Palworld. You can find this neutral element pal randomly throughout Palpagos Island. Remember that defeating Momogs can be challenging as they are always running away. You can use the defensive walls to trap the pal. 

Defeat Human Enemies and Loot Scraps

You can get the Dog Coins by defeating the various human enemies in the game, like Syndicate Thugs and more. You also have the chance to get some coins through the Scraps which are scattered all over the island.

Treasure Chests

If you are lucky you can get the Dog Coins from the Treasure Chests which are scattered around the Palpagoes Islands.

How to use Dog Coins

After collecting the Dog Coins, you can buy some cosmetics and other items from the Medal Merchant situated at coordinates (-72, -544), (-460, -11), and (64, -413). You can also capture the Medal Merchants using the Pal Shpere.

Cawgnito Hat50 Dog Coins
Dumud Helm50 Dog Coins
Concentrated All-Purpose Pal Extract2,000 Dog Coins
Lamball Hat50 Dog Coins
Burden Elixir 350 Dog Coins
Cattiva Hat50 Dog Coins
Life Fruit500 Dog Coins
Might Elixir350 Dog Coins
Power Fruit500 Dog Coins
Highly Rare Fruit1,000 Dog Coins
Ring of Freight +150 Dog Coins
Sibelyx Hat50 Dog Coins
Speed Elixir350 Dog Coins
Stamina Elixir350 Dog Coins
Multi Climate Undershirt +1100 Dog Coins
Mysterious Accessory Box100 Dog Coins
Stout Fruit500 Dog Coins
Vital Elixir350 Dog Coins

When you go to the merchant, you will see the option “Buy.”, Click on it, select an item for yourself, and buy it from him. Check out the items and their prices below:

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