How to Play Palworld on Steamdeck

The 2024 sensation, Palworld, a pals-catching survival video game, is playable on Valve’s Steamdeck, although it’s not that smooth. There is a mod that provides you with a smooth Palworld experience on Steamdeck. Check out the comprehensive guide to installing it.

Pockepair’s Palworld captures the gaming world within a short time. Dubbed “Pokemon With Guns,” the game offers amazing adventure in the Palpagos Islands, where hundreds of pals have lived. You can fight and capture them, and with various skills and abilities, they will assist you in building, farming, transporting, fighting, and more.

How to Play Palworld on Steamdeck

Play Palworld on Steamdeck 1

To play Palworld on Steamdeck you need to download the Steam Deck Essentials (All Handhelds)” mod by Hybrid.



1. Copy Preset to Engine.ini:

  • Find the Engine.ini file on your Steam Deck:
  • Copy one of the mod’s preset files into this folder and overwrite the existing Engine.ini.

2. Move the ~mods Folder:

  • Find the Paks folder in your game directory:
  • Move the ~mods folder from the mod into this Paks folder.

Mod features and Enhancements

  • Improve the anti-aliasing (TSR, TAA, and FXAA).
  • enhances some post-processing effects (like motion blurring; don’t worry if it doesn’t turn on).
  • Add a Cartoon art style to the game (this improves performance but lets you enjoy the game differently, ideal if you like Pokémon).
  • Adds display presets to the game that reduces some graphical settings beyond what the game allows (this allows you to aim for higher framerates like 40–50 fps if you so desire instead of maintaining visual fidelity).
  • Texture for HDD/SD cards reduces stuttering and improves frame time with better pacing.

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  1. Improved anti-aliasing and higher framerates? Yes, please! This mod should make Palworld so much better on the Steamdeck.


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