All Skill Fruit Tree Locations in Palworld

Palworld, a popular monster-hunting survival game by Pocket Pair, offers an amazing journey in the Palpagos Islands, where hundreds of mysterious creatures are known as Pals. Pals helps you with everything in the game, from crafting, building, battles, and more.

However, you must be strong enough to fight with the Alpha Bossesses in the game. Skill Fruit Tree is one of the best options to strengthen your pals and add new skills. If you don’t know the locations of Skill Fruit Trees, check out the below guide. 

Skill Fruit Tree Locations
Image source: Palworld

Skill fruit trees can be located across the archipelago. Each of these produces a variety of fruits that vary in rarity. These unusual trees bear three different fruits that, when picked, give your pals new active skills that improve their fighting ability.

Moreover, skill fruits are useful for strengthening early and powerful end-game pals. These fruits allow you to customize and fine-tune Pals’ move sets to your preference. But getting particular fruits requires traveling throughout the area.

All Skill Fruit Tree Locations in Palworld

All Skill Fruit Tree Locations
Image source: Mapgenie
Astral Mountains-150, 585
Astral Mountains181, 427
Desiccated Desert328, 484
Desiccated Desert290, 254
Mount Obsidian-259, -624
Mount Obsidian-554, -624
Forgotten Island-453, -32
Bamboo Groves-246, -204
Bamboo Groves-187, -403
Bamboo Groves-194, -518
Windswept Hills-15, -482
Windswept Hills205, -455
Moonless Shore-39, 162
Moonless Shore51, -51
Verdant Brook146, -25
Verdant Brook334, -40
Marsh Island365, -324

Steps to Use Skill Fruit in Palworld

  • Verify that your inventory has enough skill fruit.
  • Connect with Skill Fruit To view the party menu
  • Choose the Pal you want to use the Skill Fruit from the party menu.
  • Verify the choice you made.
  • The Skill Fruit will give the new skill to the selected pal.
  • You might need to swap out old skills to create room for the new ones, depending on the level and skill set of the Pal.
  • Recall that each Pal can only have three active skills at once, so make your selections carefully.
  • Strengthen your group by imparting improved techniques using the right fruits.
  • As you explore, keep an eye out for Skill Fruits to help you acquire various new skills that you can share with your Pals.

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