Palworld: How to Get Nails and its Uses

Nails are one of the essential items in Palworld to craft items like the Sphere Workbench and the High-Quality Workbench. However, nails can’t be found anywhere in the world unless you get lucky with a chest. Check out the comprehensive guide to getting nails and using them.

To craft nails, you’ll need to get Primitive Furance which will be useful for us in making Ingots from Ore. Also, you’ll require a Kindling Pal like Foxparks.

Like Nails, Primitive Furance is also unlocked on level 10. 20x Wood, 50x Stone, and 3x Flame Organ are also needed to unlock the Primitive Furance.

You can get the Flame Organs by defeating Foxparks, which are located around the Rayne Syndicate Tower. Ore can be farmed in various locations in Palworld. Wood is the most easily accessible resource in the world.

Nails Palworld 2

After collecting all the resources, build the Primitive Furance, which is unlocked at level 10. Now use the furnace to get the ingot, and finally craft the nails using those ingots.

Uses of Nails in Palworld

Nails are primarily used to craft items and structures in Palworld, especially assembly lines. Also, it can be used to make crossbows, multiple buildings, beds, and other structures in Palworld. Check out the items that needed nails to be crafted:

  • Product Assembly Line II
  • Production Assembly Line
  • Sphere Assembly Line
  • Sphere Assembly Line II
  • Sphere Workbench
  • Street Lamp Set
  • Weapon Assembly Line
  • Weapon Assembly Line II
  • Weapon Workbench
  • Antique Lamp Set
  • Ceiling Lamp
  • Crossbow
  • Fine Bed
  • Fire Arrow Crossbow
  • Fluffy Pal Bed
  • High Quality Workbench
  • Lamp
  • Large Ceiling Lamp
  • Large Mounted Lamp
  • Large Pal Bed
  • Large Toolbox
  • Medieval Medicine Workbench
  • Metal Shelf Set
  • Mounted Crossbow
  • Mounted Machine Gun
  • Mounted Missile Launcher
  • Poison Arrow Crossbow

How much does nail sell for in palworld

Nails are a valuable item in Palworld. You get 2 nails in exchange for 1 ingot. The price of each nail is 160 Gold. So, you can trade 30 Ingots for 60 Nails, and then you can make 9,600 Gold selling them.

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