How to get Jormuntide in Palworld: Location & Breeding Combs

Jormuntide is a water/dragon element pal in the game with the ability to ride on water, and while mounted, it prevents stamina depletion while moving over the water.

Additionally, it is one of the best water types for reaching small islands surrounded by water and is a great option against fire element pals in battle. With that much skill and power, every player wants this beast on their squad. Check out the comprehensive guide to find and capture Jormuntide. 

How to find Jormuntide Location

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Jormuntide is an Alpha Pal available at level 45. You can locate this pal in a couple of locations. First, you can find it in a large lake to the west of the central island near Investigator’s Fork fast travel point at the coordinates (-175, -268), while the other is found in the strait just south of the Verdant Brook at the coordinates (350, -85). 

How to catch Jormuntide 


Jormuntide is a formidable boss who can annihilate you and your pals if you do not have a proper strategy before going into a fight. As a water type, it is vulnerable to attacks from electric and ice-type pals. Grizzbolt, Rayhound, Chillet, and Reindrix are the recommended companions to use against Jormuntide.

Use these Tactics

  • Wait for the Jormuntide to move onto the ground.
  • Shoot at it from a distance to bait it.
  • Avoid fighting in the water.
  • Stock up on Legendary Spheres, as they are the only way to lure high-level companions, although they are very time-consuming to make.

For Breeding Combs, you can use our Breeding Calculator

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