Palworld: How to Find Shady Traders/ Black Marketeer Location

If you are unable to find a pal who you have always wanted on your team, do not worry; there is a way to obtain that pal without engaging in a fight. So here comes the Black Marketeers, the NPCs in Palworld who sell pals for a price.

With this, you can easily expand your pal collection by buying pals from these NPCs. There’s a strong likelihood that the most uncommon companions in the game can be acquired through the Black Marketeer. Check out the Black Marketeer location in Palworld. 

To capture these Black Marketeers, you’ll need to advance to levels 40 to 45. Employ advanced Pal Spheres and weaponry to capture them. Once you have them in your base, they will safely sell you their pals from home.

Black Marketeer/ Shady Traders Locations

Abandoned Mineshaft22, -423
Near The Frozen Wings Fast-Travel143, -362
Cliff near the village settlement13, -546
Eastern Wind Island Cliffside466, -123
Black Marketeer Near a Waterfall209, -9
Black Marketeer on a Cliffside near Sand Dunes144, 174
Mount Flopie Marketeer-18, -90
Duneshelter Marketeer351, 369
Secret Mineshaft at the Sand Dunes496, 347
Mount Obsidian Black Marketeer-793, -620
Astral Mountain cliffside-37, 218
Under the bridge near Winged Tyrant Fast-Travel-278, -167
Ruined Fortress City-650, -351
Inside Secret Mineshaft525, 333
Cove Mineshaft-282, -161
Black Marketeer Locations coordinates

Abandoned Mineshaft

  • Location: Abandoned Mine
  • Directions: Spawn at the fast-travel point Desolate Church, go towards the cliff to the west, then leap off at the approximate coordinates of (22, -423) to locate the Black Marketeer.

Rayne Syndicate Camp Cliff

  • Location: Cliff near the Rayne Syndicate Camp
  • Directions: Head out of the village settlement, down the stairs to the long bridge, make a left turn, then head down the cliffs towards the coordinates (13, -546) to locate Black Marketeer.

The Fast-Travel Point Near-Frozen Wings

  • Location: Fast travel point at Frozen Wing
  • Directions: To find Black Marketeer at coordinates (143, -362), head east from the Frozen Wings fast-travel point, climb the rocks facing east, cross a valley, and ascend the white stairs.

Fast Travel Point Under Bridge Near Winged Tyrant

  • Location: Mineshaft of the Winged Tyrant
  • Directions: To discover the entrance to the mineshaft and Black Marketeer, walk to the end of the bridge and descend below (-278, -167) from the Sealed Realm of Winged Tyrant quick travel point.

Eastern Wind Island Beach

  • Location: Northeastern Isle
  • Directions: Proceed to coordinates (466, -123) and descend cliffs to locate Black Marketeer on the beach.

Mountains of Astral Cliffside

  • Location: The Astral Mountain
  • Directions: From the Icy Weasel fast-travel point, locate Black Marketeer at coordinates (-37, 218) by following the road to the cliffside.

A cliff next to Sand dunes

  • The Black Marketeer is located on a sharp cliff at coordinates (144, and 174), which can be found by moving north from the Snowy Mountain Fork spawn point. The location of the ridge is close to the Sand Dunes.

Next to Duneshelter

  • Location: Duneshelter
  • Directions: To locate the Black Marketeer on the cliff, go to the coordinates (356, 348) in the sandy dunes biome, then to the (351, 369) area

East of Duneshelter:

Inside Secret Mineshaft

  • Location: Near Dissicated Desert
  • Directions: Located in most of the northeastern part of the map. The exact coordinates of the location are (525, 333)

Inside Cove Mineshaft

  • Location: Cove Mineshaft
  • Direction: Located at the northern edge of the Palpagos Islands. The exact coordinates of the location are (-282, -161)

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