How to find and catch Beakon in Palworld

Beakon is an electric element pal in the game who can do electric damage to the player’s mounted attacks. One of the best options for flying mounts to catch is Beakon. Check out a comprehensive guide to find and catch Beakon in Palworld. 

Where to find Beakon?

Alpha Beakon

The Alpha Beakon can be found in Palworld’s Deep Bamboo Thicket at level 29. Alpha Boss Beakon’s precise coordinates are -344 and -254. Teleporting to the Deep Bamboo Thicket waypoint and then heading south is the quickest route.

Beakon location palworld
Image source: mapgenie

Players need to understand that the Alpha Boss respawns after every hour of being defeated, so you need to have patience to get the pal.

Wild Beakon 

To catch the wild beakon, players need to head far to the northeast, where they can encounter wild beakon throughout the top half of the Sand Dunes region. For easy access, players can fast travel to the Deep Sand Dunes waypoint and should be able to find Beakon flying in this area with little trouble.

How to catch Beakon


To catch this aggressive ground element pal, players will need strong ground-level pals like Anubis or Digitoise. Beakon is weaker than this pal, so defeating the pal will be easy with the help of Anubis and Digitoise. Also, players need to use the right Pal Sphere and weapons strategically. 

Pal Info: Beakon

  • Element: Electric
  • Partner Skill: Thunderous: Can be ridden as a flying mount. Can do electric damage to the player’s mounted attacks (Requires Beakon Saddle→ Unlocks at Lv. 34)
  • Work Suitability: Gathering 1, Generating Electricity 2, and Transporting 3
  • Possible Drops: Electric Organ

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