Palworld: Best Base Locations and Best Base Pals

Plaworld, a newly popular survival game developed by Pocket Pair, is making waves in the gaming industry, reaching almost 2 million peak players on Steam. The game offers an amazing journey to explore the open-world Palpagos Islands, where hundreds of creatures known as Pals are inhabited. Pals can be used to battle or be made to work on farms or factories.

Every player wants the best pals on their side with the best location to set base. Palworld provides a large, open world where you may establish your base based on your preferences. Pals are crucial, like a strong arm, so you can leave your base without worrying about farming, mining, logging, or producing food.

The Best Base Locations in Palworld

Damaged Castle

This damaged castle (190, -383) next to the Fort Ruins fast travel monument is one of the best locations to establish your base. Several ore deposits may be found in the valley to the southwest of it, and plenty of trees and boulders are nearby for wood and stone as well.

Best Base Locations in Palworld
Image Source: Palworld


Spot at plateau (157, -395) southwest of Fort Ruins. Excellent for mid- and early-game bases. Strategically advantageous and unreachable without a flying mount or grappling gun. it has mining-ready ore reserves that replenish daily.

Best Base Locations in Palworld
Image source: Palworld

Twilight Dunes

A perfect base site with plenty of coal for farming, situated between the Dumud and Digitoise environments, provides quick access to premium Pal oil needed for making weapons, for users of Flying Mount Pal, rapid daily stockpiling is made possible by two sulfur nodes close to the western entrance.

Best Base Locations in Palworld
Image source: Palworld

Guardian fast travel statue

A great location at (190, -40) northeast of the Sealed Realm of the Guardian fast travel statute. Situated upon the mountain, this location provides simple late-game resource farming for refined ingots in your mining facility due to its raid-proof security and numerous ore and coal spawns.

Seabreeze Archipelago

The best option for a base high in sulfur is the Seabreeze Archipelago, not just for its plentiful stone but also for its advanced dungeons that provide strong pals and sulfur. Discover a skill fruit tree in the western end, interact with Alpha Pals, and investigate ore and stone nodes. It’s the perfect place.

Best Base Locations in Palworld
Image Source: Palworld

The Best Base Pals in Palworld

  • Lifmunk: A grass element Pal is one of the best early-game Pals to obtain. Lifmunk looks like rodents, such as chipmunks and squirrels. 
  • Sparkit: An electric element Pal, Sparkit is a bipedal cat-like Pal resembling a tiger or a tabby. Its body is covered with light yellow fur and a white muzzle.
  • Penking: A Water/Ice Element Pal. Penking looks like a large blue penguin wearing a dark blue bicorn hat.
  • Blazehowl: A Fire Element Pal, Blazehowl prefers raw meat but always eats well-done meat due to its blistering claws, which serve as its weapon.

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