Palworld: How to Butcher Pals

Sometimes, the beloved Palworld can be so cruel that obtaining specific items in the game requires you to butcher your pals. Playing that way in a game isn’t the most enjoyable. Developers have been given the option to do this, but at the same time, it’s strictly illegal in Palworld. 

It’s really difficult to butcher pals because you may have developed a bond with them while they work at your base. However, pals may be used for more than just battles. You can utilize them for work at your base, sell them for additional gold, or butcher them to obtain more supplies.

butcher pal 1
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

How to Butcher Pals

You will need a meat cleaver in Palworld to butcher your pals. To obtain this tool from the Technology Tree, a player must progress through the game to at least level 12. Additionally, 5 ingots, 20 pieces of wood, and 5 stones are needed to craft a cleaver. Once you have it, get the cleaver ready and proceed as follows to butcher a pal:

butcher pal
Image source: Palworld
  • Summon the chosen pal.
  • Press and hold the number 4 on a PC, or the right thumbstick on an Xbox controller, to activate the command wheel.
  • Click the Butcher option.

You receive a pal’s loot after butchering it. This is the final option, even though it’s difficult, unless there’s an emergency or a particular occasion. Butchering Pals can help players who desire to play criminal games with wanted levels.

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