Paladius | Location, Breeding, Stats

Paladius is a neutral element in the game that is not easy to catch. It can run very fast, walk at a steady pace, and sprint at a fast pace while ridden. Additionally, when breeding the opposite gender, there is a 50% chance that the resultant egg will be male. Check out the comprehensive guide to catching Paladius in Palworld. 


Image source: Screenshot from Palworld
  • Element – Neutral
  • Work Suitability – Mining 2 and Lumbering 2
  • Possible Drops – Pal Metal Ingot and Diamond
  • Partner Skill – Its back allows you to travel around on it. It’s possible to triple jump while riding. (Palidius Saddle required; unlocks at level 49)

Where to Find Paladius In Palworld

Paladius is spawned in the northwest part of the map, in the desert regions. The Paladius roams around this area, and you can also encounter the legendary  Necromus in the same area. The exact coordinates of the location are (446,680).

We recommend you bring a heat-resistant and clod-resistant cloth to the location to take on challenging temperatures.

How to Catch Paladius

Catching Paladius is a challenging task as it is located alongside the Necromus. To catch Paladius, attack both Paladius and Necromus simultaneously. Use Dark Element Pals such as Fenlope or Kingpaca against Paladius, and Dragon-kind Pals such as Quivern or Jormuntide against Necromus. 

Bring Astegon, a Dark/Dragon type, effective against both. Focus on weakening Paladius without defeating it, and use Ultra or Legendary Spheres for a better chance of capturing it.

How to Breed Paladius

Unfortunately, it takes two Paladius parents to breed a single Paladius, which makes no sense to breed it. you can catch them following the above instructions.

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