Palworld: All Pal Spheres and How to Get Them

Pal Spheres are important items in the game that are used to capture Pals at various rates. These items have a capturing animation that is similar to Poke Balls in this game. As the game progresses and you meet pals at higher levels, the complexity of the game increases. Check out the comprehensive guide to all spheres in Palworld. 

Pal Spheres come in six distinct varieties throughout the game. Different materials are needed for each variety, and certain workbenches are needed to build higher-level spheres.

Basic Pal Spheres can be crafted at an improvised workshop. You must activate Sphere Assembly Line II to be able to create stronger Spheres. Each Sphere improvement offers a further increase in power capture.

Pal Sphere

This Pal Sphere is the simplest among all Pal Spheres, which are tools utilized to capture and retain Pals. It’s advised for capturing low-level Pals.

Pal Spheres

How to Craft a Pal Sphere

  • Required Materials: Wood x3, Stone x3, and Paldium Fragment x1.
  • Required Level: Level 2
  • Technology Points: 1
  • Workbenches: Primitive Workbench, Sphere Workbench, Sphere Assembly Line, and Sphere Assembly Line II

Mega Sphere

Mega Sphere has a capture power of 14 and is a “Common” rarity sphere. By aiming from behind a wild pal, Mega Sphere improves the chance of a capture. With its enhanced skills, it can now catch more types of Pals.

Pal Spheres

How to Craft a Mega Sphere

  • Required Materials: Wood x5, Stone x5, Ignot x1, and Paldium Fragment x1.
  • Required Level: Level 14
  • Technology Points: 2
  • Workbenches: Sphere Workbench, Sphere Assembly Line, and Sphere Assembly Line II.

Giga Sphere

With a capture power of 20, the Giga Sphere is an “Uncommon” rarity sphere. When thrown, the Giga Sphere may catch pals that are rather strong in the game.

Pal Spheres

How to Craft a Giga Sphere

  • Required Materials: Wood x7, Stone x7, Ignot x2, and Paldium Fragment x2.
  • Required Level: Level 20
  • Technology Points: 3
  • Workbenches: Sphere Workbench, Sphere Assembly Line, and Sphere Assembly Line II

Hyper Sphere

With a 20-capture power, the Hyper Sphere is classified as a “Rare” rarity. Like Giga Sphere, Hyper Sphere may also be hurled and capture the strongest pals in the game.

Pal Spheres

How to Craft a Hyper Sphere

  • Required Materials: Wood x10, Ingot x3, Paldium Fragment x3, and Cement x2.
  • Required Level: Level 27
  • Technology Points: 3
  • Workbenches: Sphere Assembly Line and Sphere Assembly Line II

Ultra Sphere

With a capture power of 32, the Ultra Sphere is a rare sphere classified as “Epic”. Its very effective design makes it difficult for many Pals to escape when tossed.

Pal Spheres

How to Craft an Ultra Sphere

  • Required Material: Palladium Fragment x5, Cement x2, Carbon Fiber x2, and Refined Ingot x5.
  • Required Level: Level 35
  • Technology Points: 4
  • Workbenches: Sphere Assembly Line and Sphere Assembly Line II

Legendary Sphere

With a 37 capture power, the legendary sphere is a “Legendary” rarity sphere. Few Pals can avoid its flawless design when hurled.

Pal Spheres

How to Craft a Legendary Sphere

  • Required Materials: Palladium Fragment x10, Cement x5, Pal Metal Ingot x5, and Carbon Fiber x3.
  • Required Level: Level 44
  • Technology Points: 5
  • Workbenches: Sphere Assembly Line II

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