How to Cure Overfull Ailment Palworld

Pals are the soul of the game they do almost everything for you from crafting, transporting, fighting, and more, and keeping them happy and taking care of them is very essential. Like humans, pals also suffer from illness.

Taking care of pals is important, as is understanding their needs, wants, and problems. Like humans, pals can also suffer from both physical and mental ailments. One such condition is the mysterious overfull.

What is an Overfull?

A pal may suffer from overfulfillment sickness, which can transform them into eating machines. Overfull is called “insatiable” in the game, and an infested pal’s hunger meter will swiftly fall, indicating that more food will be required to keep the pal working efficiently. The odd thing about this sickness is that it can occur unexpectedly, and there is no obvious method to avoid it. thankfully this is easily fixed.

Feed Low-Quality Medical Supplies

Feed Low-Quality Medical Supplies
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

To cure a pal of this illness, feed it Low-Quality Medical Supplies, which can be made in the Medieval Medicine Workbench.

How to Give Medicine to Pals Palworld

Medieval Medicine Workbench can be built with Wood x 30, Paldium Fragment x 100, and Nail x 5. Once you have this Workbench, you can make Low-Quality Medical Supplies manually or assign Pal with Medicine Production Work Suitability, such as Lifmunk or Flopie.

Hot Spring to prevent them from sickness
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

Additionally, you can feed your pals well or get them a Hot Spring to prevent them from sickness. Hot Spring will give pals chances of becoming stressed and prevent them from slacking off. To make Hot Spring you’ll need 1 technology point and the following materials:

  • Pal Fluids x10
  • Wood x30
  • Stone x15
  • Paldium Fragment x10

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