Palworld: How many Pals can Work at a Ranch at Once

If you are playing Palworld sometime, you will have this question in your mind: How many pals can work at a ranch at once? If you can use many Pals at once, you can easily make things easy for yourself. 

Ranch Size Palworld

ranch size palworld
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

The developer and the game make no mention of the number of Pals you can utilize at once. However, several players have claimed they use four at once, while others claim to use three, so the answer is unclear. Some gamers have shared their experience while working with multiple pals at once. Check it out below. 

Paciphic says that: 1. “You can have up to 4 pals working at the ranch at once, but it appears that 3 is the best number. Glitches may occur on occasion with 4 but are less common with 3.

Other Gamer lift_spin_d says that: I have mau in my ranch and it’s a “small” steady stream of gold. How “small” is just a factor of time and your point of view.

  • I’ve seen 4 gold per second just popping into a chest (some pal or somehow the gold is getting transported)
  • I’ve gotten ~1000 gold just walking through the ranch
  • I’ve seen ‘who knows how much’ littered on the ground
  • gold ends up in ‘other’ chests (that were closer to where the gold spawned than the chest I use for my ranch)

Comparing Mau to visiting a vendor is kinda a wash. you can get much more from a vendor much quicker, or not- it’s all up to you.

I dropped a power generator (I think that’s what it’s called- the white oblong battery thing) in the middle of my ranch. no problems whatsoever. my mau do their thing and my jolthog does its thing. I’ve never had to lift the jolthog and throw it at the power generator. But I am concerned if I’d be successful because of the overlap.

Additionally, stopsayingmoist stated the max number: you can have a max of five pals working at a ranch. I have two mozzarinas, two chikipis, and a beegarde for making cakes at my main base. all five can graze at the same time, but sometimes the beegarde will do a bit of wandering given that they have more work suitabilities than both mozzarina and chikipi.

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