Palworld: How to Get Technology Points

In Palworld, technology points are utilized for basic survival needs in games and are awarded to players as a form of progression, allowing them to create special items. Check out how to get more technology points in Palworld.

Technology Points Palworld 1
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

1. Fast Travel Points

  • Locating all fast travel points guarantees 1 tech point each.

2. Dungeon Runs

  • After defeating the boss in a dungeon, there is a 50/50 chance that the two chests contain technical manual objects, each worth one tech point.

3. Wildlife sanctuaries

  • Chests found in wildlife sanctuaries have a 50/50 chance of housing technical manual objects, each worth one tech point. These chests recover, however, the respawn time varies.

4. Special NPCs

  • Certain NPCs provide level 2 technical manual books for 2 tech points each. These are Anubis, Lyleen, and Shadowbeak.
  • Additionally, Hootcrates, Katress, and Wixen offer technical manuals, but only at level 1, granting 1 tech point each.

5. Snow Mountain Dungeons

  • Snow Mountain Dungeons can drop manuals for 3 tech points each.
  • Players can run through the dungeon without engaging to avoid the boss. This is easier on dedicated servers where bosses do not appear instantly.
  • Players can exploit a flaw that causes a small pal mount to spawn at their feet, allowing them to collect rewards without facing the monster. Sometimes the mount appears behind a barrier. Players can mount it to bypass the barrier and plunder without fighting the boss.
  • Dungeon resets are often related to boss kills, therefore dungeons may remain open for longer periods when employing this strategy.

How to Use Technology Points

To use Technology Points in Palworld, you will need to go to the Inventory screen and choose the option ‘Technology Points’. To do this, press “Tab” on your keyboard or “Menu” on your controller.

It is only when the right number of points are entered into the tab that they can be transferred to different buildings or pieces of equipment. Some tools, like Lifmunk’s Submachine Gun, are not available immediately because of level limitations related to Technology Points.

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