Blazamut | How to Get in Palworld: Location & Breeding Combos

Blazamut is a fire element pal in the game with the amazing ability to enhance fire attacks while ridden. Blazamut plays a crucial role in battles against Pals and other enemies, as it allows you to unleash powerful attacks that rapidly drain their health. Check out the full guide to finding Blazamut and how to breed it on a farm.

Blazamut Location Palworld

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Blazamut: Basic Information

  • Type: Fire
  • Partner Skill: Magma Kaiser: A mounted ability that amplifies the potency of fire-based attacks during travel.
  • Work Suitability: Kindling 3 and Mining 4
  • Possible Drops: Coal and Flame Organ 

Blazamut is located in the volcanic area of the map, close to the “Scorching Mineshaft” (-434, -531). Blazamut unlocks at level 49 and is potentially deadly; you should exercise caution and bring your strongest Pals and weapons to the area.

how to find blazamut in palworld
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How to Breed Blazamut in Palworld

To breed Blazamut, players must catch one by following the above process. Then, to breed, get a breeding farm at level 19. Building one requires 100 pieces of wood, 20 stones, and 50 fibers. Select male and female Blazamut to partner with when the farm is set up. Remember to give the breeding farm some cake. After a while, they’ll lay a pale egg, which you can hatch later on with an incubator.

You can also use our new Palworld Breeding Calculator.

Blazamut Breeding Combos

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