Palworld: Best Spot for Find and Mine Hard Coal

Coal is crucial for producing refined metals and carbon fiber, essential for technologies like high-tier spheres and weapons. Palworld offers a big, open world to explore, and sometimes it’s very tricky to find the right spot. Check out the best spot for finding and mining coal in Palworld.

There are several deposits of coal spread around Palworld, but determining the best location will speed up mining operations. Check out the details below:

Hard coal Farm Location

For efficient coal extraction, head to the central desert region known as Twilight Dunes. Refer to the attached image for the precise location.

hard coal farming location
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You’ll encounter up to five coal ore resources ready for extraction. To extract the coal, players should deploy their Pal boxes and assign Pals to tasks such as digging and transporting. There are a variety of pals players can use for digging, like Digtoise, and for transporting, like Incineram.

How to Transport Fast

To transport the coal quickly, simply position yourself close to the Fast Travel Point while standing near a container at the location, put coal into your inventory, and fast travel back to your main base.

Palworld Coal Recipes

Coal is quite an essential material at mid- and late-game and in the game stages in Palworld. Just 2 coal and 2 ores will give you one refined ingot using an improved furnace. Refined ingots are superior to metal sources in making gears.

Therefore, set up a production assembly line with 100 ingots, 50 wood, 20 nails, and 10 cement to enable you to utilize them effectively. Various items that can be crafted include:

  • Rifle ammo: 1 refined ingot, 2 gunpowder
  • Shotgun shells: 1 refined ingot, 3 gunpowder
  • Refined metal armor: 30 refined ingots, 15 leather, 2 high-quality cloth
  • Refined metal pickaxe: 30 stone, 40 wood, 10 refined ingots
  • Refined metal axe: 30 stone, 40 wood, 10 refined ingots
  • Refined metal spear: 36 stone, 18 wood, 10 refined ingots
  • Double-barreled shotgun: 30 refined ingots, 7 polymer

Another way of putting it is that the same production assembly line can be used to convert two coals into one carbon fiber. Carbon fibers have many applications, including:

  • Giga glider: 20 refined ingots, 100 wood, 20 carbon fiber, 10 high-quality cloth
  • Legendary spheres: 10 paldium fragments, 5 Pal metal ingots, 3 carbon fiber, 5 cement
  • Assault Rifle: 40 refined ingots, 10 polymers, 30 carbon fiber

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