Palworld: How to Make Refined Ingot

Refined Ingot is an intermediate crafting material used to make many mid-game and late-game weapons, gears, and structures in Palworld. However, you cannot collect this material in an open world; you need to craft it in Palworld. Check out the comprehensive guide to making Refined Ingot in Palworld.

Refined Ingot

You’ll first need an Improved Furance to make Refined Ingot which is available at Player Level 34.

To construct it, gather 100 Stones, 30 Cement, and 15 Flame Organs.

Make Refined Ingot Palworld
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

Head to the Foxparks located beyond the expedition survivor to gather Flame Organs. While you’re there, collect Stones. To make Cement, you’ll need Stones, Bones, and Pal Fluids, all of which are easy to find.

Once you unlock Improved Furnace, you are ready to craft Refined Ingots. Now you simply need a few materials and a pal with Level 2 Kindling skills to speed up production.

We suggest you catch a Jormuntide Ignis from the No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary. Check out the required materials below:

Stand by your chosen pal because it ignites the furnace. Refined Ingot has a workload rating of 70, so it takes some time to craft more than a dozen at once. Stock up on this valuable material for future use.

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