Palworld: Fans Can Win $100 Steam Gift Cards from Pocketpair

Palworld, a popular monster-hunting video game developed by Pocket Pair, is making waves in the gaming industry. In addition to creating a fantastic survival video game with a unique concept, which fans called “Pokemon With Guns,” the developers are also giving Palworld fans the chance to easily win $100 Steam gift cards.

As a thank you to fans for their immense support, game developer Pocket Pair is giving away $100 Steam gift cards. Check out the best methods to participate and win $100 in Steam gift cards.

How to Win Prizes in Palworld Giveaway

Method 1: Post Art with Hashtags

  • Post Art: Use the hashtags #PalworldArt and #PalGiveaway when posting your artwork to social media.
  • Variety of Art: Your artwork can include illustrations, cooking creations, crafts, etc.
    Prize:  For sharing their artwork, two winners will each receive a $100 Steam gift card.

Community Involvement: By using this approach, the community is encouraged to exhibit its creative talents.

Method 2: Use Your Favorite Pal to Repost and Respond

To participate, just share the giveaway notice and leave a comment with your best pal.

  • Prize: Two additional people will each receive a $100 Steam gift card.
  • Simple Entry: This approach takes very little work.

Entry Deadline

  • Time Limits: On February 16th, entries must be received by 2 AM UTC.
  • Time Conversions: on February 15, at 6 PM PT and 9 PM ET, and on February 16, at 2 AM GMT.

Extra Details

  • Notification of Winners: Although no specific method is stated, winners will probably be contacted by direct message (DM).
  • International Participant: For participants who are not from the United States, gift cards will be automatically changed to the currency of the winner’s nation.
  • Probabilities of Winning: Even though it’s narrow, getting in is simple and quick, particularly using the first technique.

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