Palworld Get New Update on Xbox

Palworld releases the new update for the Xbox and Microsoft Store PC versions. As the game is still in its early stages, it has some glitches and errors. The update will fix some of them. However, the PC version still has to wait for the update.

Palworld New Update

Developer Pocket Pair has released the v0.1.1.2 update for the Xbox and Microsoft Store PC versions of the game. In the new update, developers fixed some issues that negatively affected game stability.

Some problems within the game were causing it to be less stable or more prone to crashes, which can be fixed in the update, however. It remains uncertain whether the recent Palworld update addresses this specific issue. Also, developers promise to continue to place top priority on fixing major issues in games.

One major issue in Palworld is that boss fights can be almost challenging to win when Pals refrain from attacking or providing efficient support. Gamers feel this is so frustrating. However, we hope that the developers have fixed this problem.

Palworld Get New Update on Xbox
Image source: Palworld

Despite being in its early access stage, the game has rapidly gained popularity among fans, which has put more strain on the servers. We advise waiting until the game is fully released before playing in case users face problems and issues following an update.

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