Palworld: Released Raid Boss Update v0.2.0.6 Steam and Xbox

Popular monster-catching survival game Palworld has released a patch (v0.2.06) that includes the Raid Boss Update, which is currently playable on Steam and Xbox. Check out the full list of fixes, enhancements, and updates included in the patch below.

New Content

  • Now you can face the primary Raid Boss! You’ll need slabs on the Summoning Altar to summon Raid Boss Pals, who are incredibly strong and cannot be stuck. Defeat them together with your base pals and earn pal eggs.
  • Introducing “Training Manuals” to present enjoyable factors to Pals.
  • Discover the “Ancient Technical Manual” in dungeon chests for historical generation factors.
  • Use “Recovery Meds” for gradual HP recovery.
  • Get right away transported to your base with “Homeward Thundercloud.”.
  • Equip “Ability Glasses” to look at Pal’s stats.
  • Boost Pal’s stats with “Power Fruit, Life Fruit, and Stout Fruit.”.
  • The new passive skill “Mercy Hit” prevents decreasing enemy HP under 1.
  • “Ring of Mercy” prevents reducing enemy HP below 1.
  • Stay comfortable in any weather with the “Multiclimate Undershirt.”.
  • hatch eggs successfully with the “Electric Egg Incubator.”.
  • Extract ores on the “Ore Mining Site.”.


  • Kelpsea and Dumud now produce pal fluids and high-quality pal oil.
  • Mounts like Surfent Terra and Astegon have new perks.
  • Synthesize Pal rank to max with Pal Essence Condenser.
  • A negative Pal status resolves inside the Pal Box.


  • See captured Pal be counted at the same time as aiming.
  • Monitor companion skill cooldowns.
  • View device and item stats.
  • Updated tutorial named “Journey.”.
  • Customize educational visibility.
  • Adjust the damage number display length.


  • Dropped objects become collectible after 24 hours.
  • New “Sleeping” player emote.

Base Related

  • Manage Base Pals’ obligations on the Monitoring Stand.
  • Use chest filters and object delivery from crafting facilities.
  • Modify the person’s look each time.
  • Building placement guidelines are relaxed.
  • Command Pals to work or take a break.

Balance Adjustment

  • Minimum warmth and bloodless resistance for armor.
  • Faster egg incubation.
  • Unique sample for Jormuntide Ignis.
  • Legendary blueprints for firearms.
  • Adjusted shop prices.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed empty treasure chests bug.
  • Corrected attack power duplication.
  • Loot fixes for capturing Pals while installed.
  • Balanced HP of legendary pals.
  • Fixed eating animation even while riding.
  • Improved sphere throwing accuracy.


  • Enhanced Pal fashions and sounds.
  • Various malicious programs have been fixed.

Dedicated Server

  • Fixed an issue where sorting did not work in the server list
  • Improved the server list to allow page transitions
  • Dedicated servers now support various log outputs
  • Implemented REST API
  • Please check the tech guide for details

Cheat Prevention

  • Fixed a vulnerability that allowed Steam account spoofing
  • Fixed 7 other critical vulnerabilities


  • One new song has been added to the soundtrack. Please update and enjoy the new song if you have already purchased the soundtrack!
  • Please note that the soundtrack may take a few days to update

Palworld is also preparing a bigger, more comprehensive update for the summer of 2024. Enjoy breathtaking vistas and exhilarating experiences on a brand-new island that is home to lots of new palss. The developers also intend to include a ton of new material, such as bosses in towers, new weaponry, and new buildings.

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