Alpha Boss Suzaku

Palworld: Defeat Alpha Boss Suzaku

Alpha Boss Suzuku is a fire element pal in the game who can intensify fire strikes while mounted. Players must advance to level 45 in order to obtain this Alpha Boss. With its speed and fire wing, every player wants this Vermilion bird on their team, but it can be difficult to beat, thus players …

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raid boss update

Palworld: Released Raid Boss Update v0.2.0.6 Steam and Xbox

Popular monster-catching survival game Palworld has released a patch (v0.2.06) that includes the Raid Boss Update, which is currently playable on Steam and Xbox. Check out the full list of fixes, enhancements, and updates included in the patch below. New Content Pals UI Player Base Related Balance Adjustment Bug Fixes Others Dedicated Server Cheat Prevention …

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