Palworld: How to Get Wheat Seeds

Palworld is a popular monster survival game where you need to gather resources for the survival of yourself and your pals. Without food, your pals can become sick and not work well, so having enough food at your base is important. Wheat seeds is one of the essential materials in Palworld to grow your wheat farm. 

How to get wheat seeds

You can get Wheat Seeds from two different ways in Palworld. First, from drops upon defeating certain pals, or second, by purchasing it from Wandering Merchants.

Get wheat seeds in drops

You can see all locations on the Palworld interactive Map to get wheat seeds by drops upon defeating certain pals, including Bristla, Cinnamoth, Dinossum, Flopie, and Robinquil.

Bristla can be located at the Ancient Ritual Site in the Palpagos Islands. The exact coordinates of the location are (109, -362) and (-20, -346).

Cinnamoth is located in multiple locations in Palworld, including the Northern Bridge of the bridge of the Twin Knights, Cinnamoth Forest, Ancient Ruins, and Hypocrite Hill.

Dinossum is also located in multiple locations, including Areas over the Plateau of Biginnings, Eastern Wild Islands, and Small Cove.

Flopie is located near the Cinnamoth Forest at the coordinates -75, -272. Robinquil can be found in the middle section of the Palpagos Islands.

Purchase from Wandering Merchants

Wandering Merchants
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

The fastest way to get Wheat Seeds is by purchasing it from Wandering Merchants for 100 Gold Coins. Wandering Merchant is located in the Small Settlement at the coordinates 74, -484.

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